SP1.2: Establish a New College or School in the Life Sciences

Binghamton University is moving forward with the establishment of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The full proposal for the school was approved by the SUNY Trustees on March 11, 2015. The University is in the final stages of the building design for the $60M facility to be located in Johnson City, New York. The University has hired founding Dean, Gloria Meredith in Spring, 2015In addition, the curriculum for the new school has been drafted.

Goals advanced under this project:

  1. Become a Nationally Recognized University for Outstanding Doctoral Education
  2. Increase Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Profile to that of a Premier Public University
  3. Enrich Collaborative Culture for Research, Scholarship and Creative Production
  4. Increase the Transformational Impact of the University’s Research, Scholarship, Creative Activities and Doctoral Education on Society

Indicators of success for these goals are:

Milestones completed since last progress report:

Last Updated: 9/11/14