SP1.4: Industry Funded Interdisciplinary Research

This project promoted the development of the Southern Tier High-Technology Incubator and convened an industry task force to develop recommendations to enable Binghamton University to significantly grow industry-funded research. Success will be realized through the following metrics: completion of the Incubator by 2017 with full occupancy by high-technology companies within a five year timeline; an increase in sponsored research proposals and awards across campus that contribute to Binghamton’s goal of $50M in sponsored research expenditures by 2019; an increase in faculty publications and citations resulting from industry-sponsored research; an increase in invention disclosures and royalties that contribute to Binghamton’s goal of $1.5M in annual royalties by 2020.

Goals advanced under this project are:

  1. Become a Nationally Recognized University for Outstanding Doctoral Education
  2. Increase Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Profile to that of a Premier Public University
  3. Increase the Transformational Impact of the University’s Research, Scholarship, Creative Activities and Doctoral Education on Society

Indicators of success for these goals are:

Milestones completed since last progress report:

Last Updated: 9/11/14