SP2.10: Online Learning at a Premiere Institution

This year, a series of several intensive multi-day workshops was organized and run by the CLT (with help from the UCTD) to provide instructors with the training and tools to develop and delivery effective online courses. In total, 75 instructors were given hands-on training in online pedagogy and the use of appropriate technology to meet course-learning objectives. Many of the instructors will be deploying their courses over the coming year and feedback on student learning and satisfaction data will follow. The CLT plans to continue this training in the AY 2015/2016.

The goals advanced under this project are:

  1. Build a dynamic and transformative learning community
  2. Increase four-year graduation rate.

The indicators of success for these goals are:

The milestones completed since the last report are:

Last Updated: 9/12/14