SP2.4: Developing a Premier Student Experience through Academic Advising

Academic Advising moved forward substantially in 2014/15 with the addition of advisers in Watson, Harpur, and SOM. These additional resources have not only enhanced the ability of the academic advising offices to respond to student requests, but have allowed work to begin on new advising outreach initiatives. In particular, an intensive "intrusive advising" initiative was developed to connect with, and support, freshmen who found themselves on academic probation after the Fall semester. Finally, an entirely new series of digital advising materials was developed in a broad University-wide collaborative effort to improve the course-selection and registration experience for incoming students at orientation. Note: hiring funding was not allocated as a part of SP 2.4, but is a part of Project 5 (Undergraduate Advising) from round 2 of the Road Map funding, with Road Map funding starting to support these hires in 2015-16.

Goals advanced under this project:

  1. • Prepare undergraduates seeking graduate degrees for the challenges of graduate school
  2. Increase four-year graduation rate
  3. Optimize staff and faculty resources

The indicators of success for these goals are:

Milestones completed since the last progress report:

Last Updated: 9/12/14