SP3.3: Creation of Divisional/Dept. Staff with Diversity Responsibilities

Divisional diversity officers have been selected and will work with the chief diversity officer to oversee all aspects of diversity and inclusiveness initiatives with a primary focus on identifying, attracting and retaining highly qualified faculty, staff and students to Binghamton University. In addition the division of Administration received funding in the 2013-14 budget for this project, used in the following ways: funding was provided to the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) for recruiting; a division staff member was identified to oversee diversity responsibilities; a fellowship program for underrepresented people to gain access to the division will be instituted; implement efforts will be made to hire underrepresented people in Physical Facilities. The Division of Student Affairs has established a diversity and inclusion programming council and seeded the council with program funds with a charge to promote one or more focused initiatives that can impact a barrier to postsecondary student diversity and inclusion.

Goals advanced under this project:

  1. Enhance diversity of the faculty, staff, and administration of the university.
  2. Provide support services to all students, faculty, and staff with special needs.
  3. Elevate the culture of diversity and inclusiveness in the campus community

Indicators of success for these goals are:

Milestones completed since last progress report:

Last Updated: 6/7/17