SP4.1: Bringing the World’s Best and Brightest Student to Binghamton University

Because international diversity creates a rich learning environment that promotes cross cultural understanding and prepares students for life in an interdependent world, this project aims to attract highly talented international undergraduate students to Binghamton University. Several programs have been initiated to achieve this goal, including hiring a recruiter in China who is working to enhance our profile there, hiring other in-country representatives in India and China, creating a campus-wide international admissions coordination council, establishing an international student-ambassador program, establishing relationships with Education USA offices overseas and convening a team to study the feasibility of offering an Intensive English Program.

Goals advanced under this project:

  1. Improve the University’s Social Impact on the Global Community

Indicators of success for this goal are:

Milestones completed since last progress report:

International Undergraduate enrollment

Since 2011, the number of undergraduate international undergraduates has increased by 20%.

Graduate enrollment rates of Undergraduate Students

In that time, international students increased from 32% of all full time graduate enrollments to 47% of all full time graduate enrollments.

With funding from the Road Map, the Graduate School was able to add two professional staff members for recruitment, one dedicated to international work (though the staff covers travel to recruitment fairs interchangeably). We recruited in China for the first time in fall, 2014; this fall, we are traveling to India and Brazil. In addition the Assistant Dean in charge of international recruitment, has visited the Saudi embassy in Washington DC to explore potential partnerships that might expand our growing number of Saudi-government-funded students. A comprehensive international plan has been developed , based on a complex understanding of world economies and potential markets for our graduate programs.

Last Updated: 9/12/14