SP4.6: Promote International Student Success, Retention, and Cultural Integration Through Outstanding Programs and Services

Academic success, social adjustment and cultural integration are components of a premier education for international students; a strong international student experience is likely to promote learning for domestic students through their interaction with international students. These outcomes require strong advising, support services and programming on campus. To date, three new professional staff and one new support staff position have been filled in the International Student and Scholar Services Office (ISSS). New service enhancements include a pre-arrival e-mail series addressing nine (9) topics that was circulated to Fall 2013 admits; a new international student housing website and enhanced immigration advising support both on-line and on a walk-in basis. During the remaining portion of the 2013-2014 academic year, the team working on this project will gather information and data to better understand international student success and the barriers to it.

Goals Advanced (based on general description of project goals):

SP2 (1)- Provide a dynamic and transformative learning community
(3)- Binghamton University Students are prepared for Careers
SP3 (1)- Increase diversity of ugrad and grad student population
(2)-Promote Diversity among faculty, staff, and university administration (3)- Increase support Services to students/faculty/staff with special needs (4)- Increase diversity and inclusiveness

SP4 (1)- Enhancing the University’s economic impact on local community
(2)- Enhancing the University’s social impact on the local community
(3)- Enhancing the University’s cultural impact on the local community
(4 & 5)- Enhancing the University’s social and cultural impact on the global community

SP5 (1)- Acquire and manage resources effectively and efficiently

Goals Advanced (based on identified leading and lagging Indicators):

SP4 (4 & 5)- Enhancing the University’s social and cultural impact on the global community

When will success be realized:

Binghamton University’s overarching goal is for every international student to have productive, positive and highly successful experiences at Binghamton. We expect that there will be growth in the number of international students, we aspire to have increasing quality of students, and we look to this investment of effort to helping Binghamton achieve a reputation as a destination of choice for higher education in the U.S.

Specific measures of academic success among international students will include improvement in retention, monitoring of time to degree, monitoring of grade point averages, reducing probations and suspensions, tracking the number of students who use academic advising services, evaluating the advising experience of the students, improving faculty satisfaction with the support they see the students receive, and seeking improvements in graduate school and job.

Improvements in the metrics just listed will be based on the combined efforts of international student recruitment and the quality of student we can attract, the services of the Office of International Student and Scholars Services, the academic advising program to be initiated as described below, the development of the ESL program, and involvement of the Center for Teaching and Learning. We will rely in particular on Institutional Research and the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development the statistical tracking of the metrics. The first effort is aimed primarily at undergraduate students but will be followed by a needs assessment of what institutional interventions would improve academic success among graduate students.

For 2014-2015 success has been realized by:

Milestones since the last progress report:

Last Updated: 9/12/14