SP4.7: Strengthening Existing Opportunities for Students to Study Abroad

Binghamton University has determined that increasing access to study abroad is a priority to enhance students' intercultural awareness and competencies for leadership in an increasingly interdependent world. The Office of International Programs (OIP) aims to improve administrative efficiency and service and identify additional study-abroad opportunities. A key component to improving efficiency and service is implementation of an enrollment management software program. At the same time, OIP has hired a new study-abroad coordinator to increase advising and program-management capacity. The new coordinator and OIP hope to continue to build on the increased interest of students in study-abroad opportunities, as evidenced by record attendance at our Study Abroad Fair and increased participation in summer and winter intersession international programs.

Goals advanced under this project:

  1. Enhance the University’s social impact on the Global community
  2. Enhance the University’s cultural impact on the Global Community

Indicators of Success for these goals are:

Milestones completed since last progress report:

Last Updated: 6/7/17