SP5.7 Support Staff Required to Maintain and Operate New Buildings and Building Additions

Goals Advanced: SP5-Goal 2, Goal 4

How will we know that the project was a success? Which indicator is it likely to move? Space utilization, academic seat availability and utilization

When will success be realized? Project completed

Milestones since the last update:

About $500,000 was provided for staff and OTPS (Other than Personal Service). Roughly half of the OTPS and personnel costs that were estimated as needed to support operation of the new Center of Excellence building, the renovated University Union, the Admission's Center and classrooms in Old Whitney. The hiring plan is in place and has been implemented as the facilities open.

Physical Facilities uses its Smart Inspect to assure/measure quality control. This software allows management to monitor buildings monthly for quality scores and put corrective action plans in place. It is used to determine training needs, staff performance, machine/product malfunctions, and weather and safety issues.

Last Updated: 9/12/14