SP5.8 Significantly Increase the Number of Prospects in the Donor Pipeline

Goals Advanced: SP5-Goal 1

How will we know that the project was a success? Which indicator is it likely to move?

The primary goal of this project was to increase the efficiency of our major gifts program through a long-term investment in broad-based engagement activities through a variety of initiatives, including:

  1. Utilize volunteerism as a cultivation tool
  2. Coordinate the activities of school- and unit-based staff with the Alumni Relations Office for more effective communication and engagement opportunities
  3. Pursue a wealth screen or data mining project with an appropriate consultant
  4. Involve faculty (content experts) in the advancement process


  1. Increased gift and donation revenue
  2. Increased giving rates
  3. Increased alumni participation in campus sponsored activities and volunteer opportunities
  4. decreased time from portfolio assignment to major gift commitment
  5. increased number of major gift prospect under assignment
  6. increased major gift support/additional donors at the very top of the gift pyramid.

When is it likely that success will be realized?

Efforts are underway to meet the objectives of this project; however, it is an on-going process of improvement. Ultimately, we strive to become a “best-practices” fundraising shop.

What are the important milestones since the last progress report?

  1. The Office of Alumni Relations reorganized its department in order to dedicate a staff member (Melinda Holicky) to volunteer recruitment, management and stewardship.
  2. The Office of Alumni Relations hosts a monthly Alumni Relations Roundtable to facilitate communication, coordination and cooperation between the Office and the staff working in the schools and units for a more effective and efficient alumni engagement outreach program.
  3. The data screening with an outside vendor was not pursued while awaiting a new Vice President.
  4. Major gift officers are in the process of implementing a new strategy for developing and executing individualized solicitation plans. One element of these plans includes the identification of “development partners” to enhance the relationship between the prospect and the University. These campus partners are noted on the prospects record and will be involved in the planning and execution of donor strategies.

Last Updated: 9/12/14