SP5.9 Establish a Process for Prioritizing Projects with Potential for Private Support

Goals Advanced: SP5-Goal 1

How will we know that the project was a success? Which indicator is it likely to move?

The outcome of this effort would be a list, vetted by campus leadership, of priorities for possible funding through private, charitable support. The list would provide gift officers with access to high-priority projects that are deemed to be the most useful, most pressing, most desirable, and most able to attract significant investment from donors. Increased gift and donation revenues and increased giving rates

When is it likely that success will be realized?

Fundraising is an iterative process. With effective management and appropriate investment in the fundraising infrastructure, the University should see annual increases in fundraising results including increased participation, increased dollars and increased giving at the top levels of the gift chart. The total number of alumni donors increased in FY2013-14. Total cash donations were down by 9% compared to the previous year; however, if the $1M estate gift in FY2012-13 is excluded, cash contributions actually increased by 9% in FY2013-14.

Working in concert with the central advancement office, individual units prepared and vetted fundraising priorities. This has been particularly successful in Harpur, where the Dean and her fundraising team have strategically matched priorities with prospective donors.

We anticipate this process to continue in other schools/units and the creation of a living document for all units and broad-based university projects by the end of 2016.

What are the important milestones since the last progress report?

An important milestone in the process of identifying and articulating fundraising priorities was the reorganization of the Division of External Affairs into the Division of Advancement and the hiring of a new Vice President, James Broschart. His leadership, in consultation with the deans, directors, provost and president, will facilitate a refinement of our process of vetting and prioritizing projects.

Last Updated: 9/12/14