Residential Life update message from Vice President Brian Rose

March 18, 2020

At 9 a.m. this morning, approximately 3,050 residential students had indicated an intent to move out and approximately 140 students had indicated an intent to stay. A large number of students have not yet used the housing portal to confirm their plans. All on-campus students who have not yet done so must confirm their intent in the housing portal as soon as possible. The University cannot develop firm plans for managing residents who stay until we have a confirmed status from most residential students.

The University has provided a window for students to move out. It is possible that state and local government agencies may impose additional restrictions on movement at any time that would make it difficult to leave. If your intent is to move out, you are urged to do so at your earliest opportunity. If your intent is to stay on campus, understand that we do not know and do not control whether further governmental actions will further restrict your movement once you make that choice.

Students who have left campus, but not yet retrieved belongings, must confirm that they have checked out on the housing portal. If you are prevented from retrieving your belongings by March 24 because of the imposition of government restriction on travel, the University will not financially penalize you; however, we cannot assure you of access to your belongings by any specific date. Accordingly, you are strongly urged to retrieve your belongings while that is still possible.

For those choosing to stay on campus, be advised that the status of on-campus operations will be very limited for an indefinite period of time. Most of our staff are working remotely in accordance with public health directives. We will continue to provide food service on a take-out basis, but service hours will likely become more limited. We will develop a consolidation plan consistent with public health guidance given our reduced staffing level. Other campus services (gym, library, etc.) are closed and will likely remain so for an extended period of time. Transportation services will be limited and are subject to further government restrictions.

On March 17, there were significant challenges with students not respecting social distancing guidelines, providing building access to off-campus students and hosting parties. The University will be restricting building door access to residents of that building only. The University will not tolerate social gatherings that violate social distancing guidance and University policies and procedures. Students who permit non-compliant gatherings in their assigned spaces may lose the privilege of staying on campus. More detailed direction will be provided shortly. Students are urged to take responsibility for their actions in the interest of public health.

The University recognizes that this is a time of great anxiety, uncertainty and disruption. We will continue to communicate information to you as we can confirm it. We are all saddened by the extraordinary impact the pandemic has had on the University, but also are resolute in our responsibility to do our part to respond. We urge you to accept your own personal responsibility to comply with University and government directives.

For more information and updates, continue to visit the University's COVID-19 website.