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September 30, 2018

Media and Public Relations


We executed a wide-range of communications as we welcomed 17,800 students to campus, working with media and pushing out information relevant to new students and parents regarding move-in. The Class of 2022 kicked off the school year by forming a giant “flying B” on the Peace Quad, which we captured in a highly viewed Facebook livestream, as well as in photos and a follow-up time-lapse video. Several new videos were also created, including Back to Bing: Beyond the Brain - Official Trailer, which, to date, has garnered over 6,871 views.

The work of our faculty continues to draw the attention of news outlets across the globe. Max Pensky, Nadia Rubaii, Susan Appe, Ayelet Oreg, Scott Bentley, Seokheun Choi, Ronald Miles, Carl Lipo and many others were featured in a wide variety of national news outlets, ranging from USA Today to the Smithsonian Magazine, reaching an audience of millions.


Aug. 23
Scott Bentley, assistant professor in the School of Management, was featured in The Washington Post, Fortune, Houston Chronicle,, Seattle Times, Chicago Tribune, Marketwatch, Entrepreneur and several other publications for research revealing that CEOs who are paid less than their peers are four times more likely to engage in layoffs. Total circulation: Over 70.6 million

Aug. 20
Seokheun Choi, associate professor and director of the Bioelectronics and Microsystems Lab, was featured in Yahoo!.com, USA Today, Science Daily, New Scientist, India Today, Digital Trends and many other publications for his research on cutting-edge, paper-based batteries powered by electron-harvesting bacteria. Total circulation: Over 61.6 million

July 15
Jennifer Lynn Stoever, associate professor of English, was featured on CNN and in other publications for an article discussing the “rap vs. rock” cliché. She argues that the restrained media praise for Drake smashing the record for total number of simultaneous hits on the Billboard Top 10 singles, previously held by The Beatles, is due to an intersection of gender and a phenomenon she calls the sonic color line. Total circulation: Over 46.5 million

July 28
Ronald Miles, distinguished professor of mechanical engineering, was featured in Yahoo!.com, Biofuels Digest, Electronics Weekly, Digital Trends and other publications for his research on how spider silk could be used to power microphones in hearing aids and cell phones, and to help repair damaged nerves and create artificial skin, among many other innovative uses. Total circulation: Over 46.3 million

Aug. 15
Carl Lipo, professor of anthropology and director of environmental studies, was featured in Smithsonian Magazine, Fox News, Popular Science, LiveScience, Mother Nature News, PhysOrg and several other publications for his research on analysis of remains found on Easter Island which provided evidence contrary to the widely-held belief that the ancient civilization recklessly destroyed its environment. Total circulation: Over 40.6 million

July 5
Benjamin Fordham, professor of political science, was featured in The Washington Post for an article in which he discussed the abandonment of a combat base at Khe Sanh, South Vietnam,  by U.S. troops, and how the U.S. got over the ‘Vietnam syndrome’ this created. Total circulation: Over 26 million

Aug. 27
Lina Begdache, assistant professor of health and wellness, was featured by MSN, Medical Daily,, Elite Daily and other publications for her research on how women are less likely than men to experience positive well-being until they achieve a balanced diet. Total circulation: Over 22.6 million

Aug. 24
Anne C. Bailey, professor of history, wrote an article featured in The Conversation, The Chicago Tribune and other publications about how tearing down Confederate statues leaves structural racism intact. This comes in response to protesters toppling the ‘Silent Sam’ Confederate statue at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in August. Total circulation: Over 8.6 million x

July 23
Carl Lipo, professor of anthropology, was featured in Mother Nature Network, Science Daily, PhysOrg and other publications for his research using a new image-based analysis technique to identify once-hidden North American mounds, which could reveal valuable information about pre-contract Native Americans. Total circulation: Over 8.0 million

Sept. 5
Max Pensky and Nadia Rubaii, co-directors of the Institute for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention, wrote an article featured in The Conversation, WTOP, The Observer, The Chicago Tribune and other publications regarding the United Nations release of a report detailing Myanmar’s state violence against the Rohingya, an ethnic and religious minority in that country. Total circulation: Over 3.2 million

July 16
Chang Hee Park, professor of marketing, was featured in PhysOrg, Customer Think and other publications for his research on how mobile coupons can increase revenue both during and after a promotion. Total circulation: Over 2.9 million

Sept. 4
Susan Appe, assistant professor of public administration, and PhD candidate Ayelet Oreg wrote an article featured in The Conversation and The Good Men Project about how the Lost Boys of Sudan were traumatically separated from their families as children during the country’s second civil war, which started in the late 1980s and went until 2005. Total circulation: Over 2.7 million

Sept. 1
Mary Muscari, a forensic psychiatric nurse and criminologist, was featured on for her research, which shows that victims of bullying have more troubled relationships, worse physical health and trouble keeping jobs or making ends meet by their mid-20s and into their 50s. Total circulation: Over 900,000


We expanded our use of the Stories feature across Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, which has allowed us to reach a wider audience and post content in unique and engaging ways. Throughout the summer, we published stories across all platforms to promote new blogs (from orientation tips to “Life After Bing” profiles), and we continued our “Ding Ding Bing! Pop Quiz” feature, testing users’ knowledge of sports, actors, food and other themes as they relate to Binghamton. Prior to move-in, we posted “Move-In Day: The Game” to our stories, turning the process of moving onto campus into an interactive game, which was well-received by users. We also started implementing stories more often to highlight specific days and events, including University Fest and the first day of classes, as well as to promote new blogs and various BingUNews stories. We posted a Facebook Live video to document the formation of the giant “B” on the Peace Quad on Move-In Day, which had a reach of 105K+. On Instagram specifically, we started using the new IGTV feature, which allows users to upload full-length videos, similarly to YouTube. 


We published eight blogs on topics ranging from University Fest to things to do over Labor Day weekend.

11 Tips for a Successful Move-in at Binghamton University reached 11,800+ people and garnered 204 reactions on Facebook.
How Binghamton University’s Campus Has Improved Over the Summer reached 20,800+ and garnered 539 reactions on Facebook.

Other blogs include:

11 Reasons Why You Need to Go to LUMA Projection Arts Festival
10 Things Every Off-Campus Binghamton Student Needs to Do
Maggie Chan Jones ‘96: Founder and CEO of Tenshey, Inc.


Hundreds of photos and several new videos were created for the Binghamton University website, social media, various magazines and print publications, and the Daily Photo, covering a wide spectrum of events on campus, including Freshman Move-in Day, the recent grand opening of the School of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences Building and the pharmacy school’s White Coat Ceremony, University Fest and more!
Watch this latest line-up of videos:

• New research from Binghamton University reveals that criticism from parents affects how children’s brains respond to emotional information.
• Learn how drones could be used to detect dangerous “butterfly” landmines in post-conflict regions.
• Find out how living in areas with less sun may increase your risk of OCD.
•    Learn about the great opportunities available through the Binghamton University Scholars Program.
Watch Back 2 Bing: Beyond the Brain – Official Trailer.
Meet the Class of 2022 as its members form a giant “flying B” on the Peace Quad during Move-in Day.
• Learn how diet has a bigger impact on emotional well-being in women than in men.
• Learn why it pays to be nice to your employees.