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September 30, 2018

New Counseling Center staff

With increasing demand for counseling services, the University Counseling Center (UCC) announced the addition of three new
senior counselors, all of whom are generalists with particular areas of expertise, adding to the overall service delivery for students.

• Arlene Arisme, MSW, MPA, is a Binghamton alumna who previously worked at the UCC as a social work intern. She has an interest in multicultural counseling, in particular working with students with historically underrepresented backgrounds. 
• Lesley Lopez, MS, has particular interest and experience working with the LGBTQ+ community. 
• Merrick Volpe, LCSW, will collaborate with athletics to providing services and outreach to Division I student-athletes. 

All three counselors will be on board in early fall.

In addition, the University has introduced a number of changes and new services, including tele-counseling and tele-health, a free service for students enrolled in the University-sponsored domestic student and international student health insurance plans that can be used from a location and time that is convenient for them. Later this semester, students will also be able to utilize a tele-psychiatry service, connecting students to SUNY Upstate Medical University clinicians using a secure audio/video app.

Dr. Ramona Mazzeo, clinical director of psychiatry at DSHSC, has also expanded psychiatric services for students, now offering intakes five days a week to add to the availability for students to be seen for psychiatric consultations.

For more information about expanded UCC services, see BingUNews.