2020 Research Site


The field research site for CAP 2020 will again be the Precontact period Whitney Point Bridge site (Broome County, NY). In 2017, the Public Archaeology Facility conducted unit excavations related to plans to replace a nearby bridge. Archaeologists identified three sites, one of which (Whitney Point Bridge) was the 2019 CAP site. We will return to Whitney Point Bridge again this summer. The Whitney Point Bridge site borders the Tioughnioga River, a major tributary of the Chenango River. Excavations produced over 2,000 artifacts, mostly lithics and pottery. 


The site's diagnostic projectile points, steatite, and pottery indicate a Transitional period and early Late Woodland occupations. Archaeologists identified multiple features, including hearths, pits, and post holes. The artifacts cluster, which suggests specific activity areas or seasonal revisits to this place.