Language Resource Specialists (LRS)

Language Resource Specialists (LRS) are one of the central elements to LxC’s success. They are students from across all disciplines in our University and they come from a multitude of places around the world: Malawi, Colombia, Texas, Turkey, Spain, Puerto Rico, China, Taiwan, Korea, Tunisia.

Job requirements

LxC study groups meet for an hour once a week for ten weeks, outside of regular class or discussion section meetings. LRSs research and design assignments, develop a study group lesson plan that incorporates students' interests and considers their varying language levels. LRSs lead discussions and evaluate students' performance, guide students' research, critical thinking, and awareness of the cultural meanings embedded in texts. Throughout the semester, LRSs attend weekly training sessions with the LxC team.

LRSs are assigned a study group for a particular course. In the study group, students read articles, watch video clips and discuss topics immediately relevant to the subject matter of the larger course. The Global Language(s) model/option has English as a unifying language with students examining texts in multiple languages (Global Languages model) while other groups are unified by a common language other than English (Traditional Model). Usually, Languages Across the Curriculum study groups meet for an hour once a week for EIGHT weeks, outside of regular class or discussion section meetings. LRSs are expected to meet weekly for mandatory LxC staff training.

Based on work with LxC staff, instructors and other LRS colleagues, LRSs design a syllabus for the Languages Across the Curriculum study group and research and prepare reading assignments (or films or internet-based assignments). LRSs lead discussions of these assignments in the study groups and evaluate students' performance. Throughout the semester, LRSs compile a teaching portfolio consisting of all the materials used in the study group.

The ideal candidate will have previous teaching experience, strong analytical and critical thinking skills; be eager to develop pedagogical skills that foster a globalized understanding of the world. Those seeking to lead Global Language groups, while they do not need to be proficient in a second-language, must have extensive study of another language, in addition to the above requirements. For traditional groups, candidates must have very strong English language skills and native or near-native proficiency in one or more other languages. First consideration is given to graduate students who meet the linguistic requirements as well as the disciplinary focus of the particular study group.

Pay begins at $13/hr and LRSs work an average of 5-10 hours per week. Weekly study group meetings begin during the 5th week of classes. Group meetings and staff trainings are scheduled at the convenience of the LRS and his/her students.


Download an application form if you would like to be a Language Resource Specialist.