Mentor Responsibilities & Expectations

  1. Supervise the completion of proposed research project throughout the eight-week internship program. Students should be fully integrated into the research team included in discussion dialogue about research design and other related issues not limited to data collection.
  2. Be available on campus at least 10 hours per week to supervise interns. Some day-to-day supervision of LSAMP Interns could be delegated to one or more well qualified graduate students.
  3. Ascertain whether interns are working 30 hours per week and assess student progress throughout the summer. Complete intern evaluation forms at the end of each week and at the end of the program.
  4. Supporting the LSAMP Program's mission by encouraging LSAMP interns to pursue graduate study. Talk to them about the obvious and not so obvious benefits of earning a PhD. Share your own experiences if you like. At least one meeting - with or without - graduate students would complete this responsibility.
  5. Read student's final research paper, PowerPoint presentation or poster and indicate its acceptability by signing each product.
  6. Notify the LSAMP staff if there is a problem with an intern. Students know they should work hard on a project and maintain a work schedule of 30 hours per week.

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