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Hashtag BingPride

What is #BingPride?

What is this hashtag (#), also known as a pound sign or number sign? You see it in social media. By joining the symbol with a keyword or phrase, you create a hashtag. When you click on the hashtag, you can view and track what is being posted about the topic and connect to a larger discussion. At Binghamton, #BingPride is how we are communicating our pride about the University.

You can help!

Join us by using #BingPride on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share what you love about Binghamton. We are curating everyone’s posts to build a story — your story/our story — about what makes Binghamton great.

In addition, show your pride by wearing your Binghamton swag, getting involved with your Alumni Association and making a gift at Your charitable gift today will have an impact that lasts.

Last Updated: 8/11/16