Binghamton University Rowing Association

The Binghamton Rowing Club turns 30 years old this year!

Much like our facilities — from our roots on the West Side of Binghamton, to Marshland Road in Apalachin, to the Les Wagner Rowing Center in Owego — our club has continued to grow in size and strength. The club, now with the help of the Binghamton University Rowing Association, strives to become better than ever. To that end, we happily announce our 30 for 30 campaign. Our goal is to raise $30,000 for our 30th anniversary.

Over the past year, we have increased alumni and supporter engagement, which has helped us buy a new 4+ in honor of the late Dominique Silvestry '09. Reaching our 30 for 30 goal will help the club tremendously with capital purchases such as oars, ergs and shells. This is our opportunity to reconnect with old teammates and friends, and compete with one another again to raise funds for the club that gave us so much.

We ask that you make your tax-deductible gift of $500 to advance our club and support this initiative. Any and all gifts will be graciously accepted and show the true measure of our supporters.

Together, we can set the club up for a bright future. Old and young, together as one!

Binghamton University Rowing Association and Binghamton Rowing Club


  • Launching from a house on the West Side backyard
  • Building of a boat shed
  • Building of a new HIBC boathouse


Building towards a newer and faster future

  • Increased alumni, friends, family, supporter engagement - now is our time to make our mark
  • Reaching our 30 for 30 goal, will help the club tremendously on the equipment side of things
  • Reconnect with old teammates, get each other engaged
  • Give back to the sport and club that gave you so some of our your best college memories
  • Support the network and the club that created many of our social and professional networks

Celebrate with us at the Busfield Regatta and 30th Anniversary Banquet in Binghamton

Support and Equipment
Donation Equipment
$500 New NK CoxBox
$1,000 New Concept 2 Ergometer
$5,000 New set of 8 oars
$10,000 New coaching launch and motor
$15,000 New 2x/- rowing shell
$25,000 New 4+ person rowing shell
$30,000 2 New Oar sets, 1 New Coaching Launch, 10 New Ergs
$50,000 New 8+ person rowing shell
$250,000 Endowed 8+ every 5 years
$500,000 Endowed Assistant Coach
$1,000,000 Endowed Head Coach