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About the Clinic

Who we are

Director of the Psychological Clinic:  Marilyn I. Geller, Ph.D.
Director of Clinical Training, Psychology Department: Brandon E. Gibb, Ph.D.
Secretary-Receptionist: Peggy O'Dea

The Psychological Clinic operates within the Department of Psychology at Binghamton University. Its major objectives are to provide psychological services to the local community and to serve as a training facility supporting the University's doctoral program in clinical psychology.

The Clinic offers psychotherapy and behavior therapy for adults, children, adolescents, couples, families, and groups for a broad range of behavioral and psychological problems. The Clinic is oriented toward short-term intervention, although longer treatment programs are undertaken. A variety of treatment approaches and techniques may be used, depending on the circumstances of each client.

In addition to our treatment services, the Clinic also offers assessment services for children, adolescents, and adults:


The Krantweiss Assessment Group

Supervisor: Adam Krantweiss, Ph.D.

Like the neuropsychology group, the assessment group evaluates individuals ranging from childhood to adulthood for a variety of issues; however, the group places less emphasis on progressive disorders and focuses more heavily on assessing problems related to ADHD and learning disabilities. Differential diagnoses can be explored and treatment/academic accommodation recommendations are made.


Tom Harding's Supervision Group

Supervisor: Thomas Harding, Ph.D.

While Dr. Harding's supervision group focuses on providing individual psychotherapy, clinicians will also provide assessments for clients with questions regarding issues such as diagnosis, treatment direction, personality dynamics, severity of psychopathology, or cognitive ability status. Additionally, clinicians will perform "fitness" for work, as well as disability exams. The group prefers to work with adults or older adolescents.


Director of Psychological Clinic
Marilyn I. Geller, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist who obtained her Ph.D. at Binghamton University. She is the Director of the Southern Tier Pain Management Center, specializing in the delivery of psychological services for the management of chronic pain. Dr. Geller currently serves on the New York State Board for Licensure/Discipline after serving on the New York State Department of Education Board for Psychology for ten years. Dr. Geller also serves on Binghamton University Advisory Board for the School of Management.

Clinical Advisor and Past Director
Stephen A. Lisman, Ph.D. is a Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus and past Director of Clinical Training for the psychology department. Dr. Lisman formerly directed a research program on alcohol and behavior and has published numerous scholarly articles and book chapters in this area. Although retired from his faculty appointment, he still maintains an active practice in clinical psychology. Dr. Lisman has been the recipient of grant funding from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service, the Binghamton University Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching, and served as the Director of the Psychological Clinic for 30 years.

Graduate Assistant to the Clinic Director
Allison M. McKinnon, M.S., is a doctoral student in the clinical psychology program at Binghamton University. As the graduate assistant to the Clinic Director, she performs a variety of administrative tasks, oversees administration of the Clinic outcome questionnaires, and conducts intake interviews. As a student, her research focuses on romantic relationship functioning and relationship violence, including sexual assault and intimate partner aggression.

Clinic Secretary and Receptionist
Peggy O'Dea is the secretary/receptionist for the Psychological Clinic.  She handles the day-to-day operation of the Psychological Clinic and assists the director, graduate student therapists, clinical faculty and clinical field supervisors with their duties in the Psychological Clinic.

Undergraduate Clinic Assistants Fall 2018 – Spring 2019

Mariel Boyle
Christina Igbokidi
Gustave Leone
Annie Schatz

Clinical Psychology Trainees
The Clinic is staffed by advanced graduate students in the clinical psychology doctoral training program, supervised by Ph.D. level clinical psychologists. Each new client is assigned a therapist with whom they will work during their treatment at the Psychological Clinic.

Clinical Supervisors and Advisors
Supervisors include Ph.D. level psychologists who are currently full-time faculty or who work as therapists in the community. Current and recent supervisors are listed below.

Core Faculty:
Christina Balderrama-Durbin, Ph.D.
Meredith E. Coles, Ph.D.
Brandon E. Gibb, Ph.D.
Jennifer Gillis, Ph.D
Matthew D. Johnson, Ph.D
Mark F. Lenzenweger, Ph.D.
Steven Jay Lynn, Ph.D.
Richard Mattson, Ph.D.
Raymond G. Romanczyk, Ph.D.

More information about faculty supervisors can be found on the website for Clinical Faculty.

Field Supervisors:
Jeffrey Cole, Ph.D.
Jerry Duvinsky, Ph.D.
Sheri Esteban-Elie, Ph.D.
Deborah Greenberg-Strano, Ph.D.
Thomas Harding, Ph.D
Sheryl Scott-Richard, Psy.D.
Steven Lisman, Ph.D.
Steven Lynn, Ph.D.

Last Updated: 6/21/18