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Clinical Psychology Admission information 

Regrettably, it is not possible to interview students prior to our initial review of applications. Students who have specific questions not answered by this website and that of the Graduate School may call the program at 607-777-2334. Students with clinical research interests that are closely tied to the work of a specific faculty member are encouraged to contact that individual for more information. However, you should note that admission decisions ultimately reflect the evaluations of all the clinical program faculty as well as any specific faculty member with whom your interests appear to match.

The Clinical program admits new students only once a year, that being at the beginning of the fall semester. All application materials should be submitted to the Admissions Office of the Graduate School by December 1, 2017.  Note: The standard GRE (verbal, quantitative and writing) is required.  The psychology subject test scores are recommended but not required. After applications have been received, the clinical faculty as a whole reviews all applications and makes initial decisions regarding whom to invite for an interview; approximately one in five applicants are invited to interview. Two days (usually a Friday and the following Monday) are set aside for interviews and short-listed applicants are invited to come for one of these days. The interview process, which is designed to be a positive experience to allow candidates to obtain an objective impression of the strengths and weaknesses of our program, will be explained at the time the invitation is extended. Some students request telephone interviews, however, these do not allow the applicant to gain a good sense of our program and are therefore discouraged.

After the interviews, initial offers of admission are extended. We usually admit a class of six to eight students. Unsuccessful applicants are notified as soon as possible after the available places have been filled. Sometimes unsuccessful applicants call or write to request feedback as to why they were not selected, and to ask if we would encourage reapplication the following year. Regrettably, although we would like to be responsive, the sheer number of such requests makes this task prohibitive and we must decline such requests.

Once a student is admitted we make every effort to ensure his or her successful completion of the program. We have a variety of remedial strategies to assist students to overcome any difficulties they may have with the program. As a result, our attrition rate tends to be low, and usually reflects personal rather than academic challenges.

NOTE: The program is full time only. Non-matriculated students (students who are taking graduate courses but who have not formally been admitted to the program) are not eligible to enroll in any graduate clinical course.

No special program of undergraduate study is required. However, it is expected that applicants will have a strong background in experimental psychology, with coursework in such topics as learning, physiological psychology, cognition, statistics and methodology.

We adhere to the guidelines for accepting and rejecting offers of admission to graduate clinical programs that have been developed by the Council of Directors of Clinical Psychology Programs. A copy of these policies will be given to all students attending the interviews; if you are unclear about these procedures, consult a faculty advisor from your own psychology program.

Last Updated: 9/25/17