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Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Area Coordinator: Kenneth Kurtz, PhD. 

Visit the DEGREE REQUIREMENTS page for information about how to complete a degree in Cognitive and Brain Sciences.

The Cognitive and Brain Sciences Program prepares students for employment in academic settings, research institutes and positions in the private sector. Our program has a strong research emphasis with a primary goal to educate scientists via the development of critical thinking, research competence, and theory construction and evaluation.

One measure of a program's success is in the positions obtained by its graduates. Our program has enjoyed excellent success in positioning our PhD graduates: All of our recent PhDs have obtained academic or industrial employment or pursued post-doctoral training in nationally distinguished laboratories.

Typically, students are admitted to the program with a tuition scholarship and stipend for serving as a research or teaching assistant (see Funding). We have had a long history of strong support for our students in good standing throughout their graduate career. All graduate students are assigned office space in the Psychology Department near their home laboratory and have access to a variety of computers in their office and/or laboratory.

The best way to learn about our program is to visit the department and faculty laboratories and observe first hand. We have excellent resources, a congenial group of faculty and graduate students working together, and exciting research projects that are best appreciated in person. If it is possible for you to do so, we would welcome your visit after you apply. Notify us in advance of your visit to make sure that the faculty with whom you would like to speak will be available.

Last Updated: 7/27/16