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Careers in Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Graduate study in Cognitive and Brain Sciences is a starting point for many careers. Many of our students take positions as faculty in colleges and universities across the country, and others have gone on to research careers in various types of industry-based research positions.


Listed below are some past graduates from the Cognitive and Brain Sciences program and their current position.

Barbara Acker Instructor Auburn University
William Ahroon Senior Research Scientist U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Lab,
Aircrew Protection Division
Jeffrey Amundson Postdoctoral Fellow University of Kansas
Moore Arnold Postdoctoral Fellow Ohio State University
Robert Barnet Associate Professor College of William and Mary
Melody Berens Assistant Research Scientist University of Maryland
Aaron Blaisdell Professor UCLA
Dawn Blasko Associate Professor Pennsylvania State University
Gregory Bohemier Professor Culver-Stockton College
Deborah Briihl Professor Valdosta State University
Daniel Burns Associate Professor Union College
Patricia Caza President Psychopharmacology Consulting Firm
Wei-Jung Chen Research Scientist Department of Anatomy, Texas A&M Medical School
Jennifer Cho Human Factors Specialist Applications & Technologies
Robert Cole Director of Research Allied Services
Edward Crawley Associate Professor & Chair Marywood University
Thomas Deelman Senior Manager, Human Factors Dell Computer
James Denniston Professor and Chair Appalachian State University
Kelly Dickerson Research Scientist Army Research Lab (Aberdeen, MD)
April Drumm-Hewitt Professor Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa
Brianna Eiter Assistant Professor Hofstra University
Martha Esobar associate professor Auburn University
Jesse Flint Human Factors Design Engineer Lockheed Martin
Jeremy Gaston Research Scientist U.S. Army Research Laboratories
Gonzalo Miguez Tenure Bearing Line University of Chile at Santiago
Nicholas Grahame Associate Professor Indiana University, Purdue University
Alexis Grosofsky Associate Professor Beloit College
Lisa Gunther Professor and Chair Greensboro College
Alexandria Guzman Associate Professor University of New Haven
Danny Hager Research Scientist IBM
Michael Hall Associate  Professor James Madison University
Steve Hallam Professor and Chair Keuka College
Helene Hembrooke Postdoctoral Fellow Child Development and Family Studies, Cornell University
Heather Hoffman Associate Professor Knox College
Wenyi Huang Human Factors Specialist IBM
Pamela Hunt Assistant Professor College of William and Mary
Jeremie Jozefowiez     (BU postdoc) Assistant Professor University of Lille (France)
Wesley Kasprow Senior Researcher, Associate Professor Yale School of Medicine
Brian Kurilla Assistant Professor Wingate University 
Mario Laborda-Rojas Tenure Bearing Line University of Chile at Santiago
Virginia Lang Director, Human Factors Symantek Corporation
Nancy Lariviere Associate Professor Monmouth College
Kim Levering Visiting Assistant Professor Middlebury College
William Levine Associate Professor University of Arkansas
Xiao-Feng Li Research Scientist AT&T Bell Labs
Weimin Liu Human Factors Specialist Compaq Corporation
Marianne Lloyd Assistant Professor Seton Hall University
Paul Locasto Associate Professor Quinnipiac University
Rob Logan CEO HumanCentric Performance, Inc.
Michael Matthews Professor, Engineering Psychology Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership, West Point
Louis Matzel Professor Rutgers University
Bridget McConnell Assistant Professor University of Singapore
David McKinzie Research Scientist Indiana University Medical School
Robert Medl Human Factors Specialist IBM
Jeremy Miller Assistant Professor Willamette University
Mikael Molet (BU postdoc) Assistant Professor University of Lille (France)
Jeffrey Neuschatz Assistant Professor University of Alabama, Huntsville
Justin Olds  Postdoctoral Researcher  Department of Organizational Behavior at the University of Lusanne, in Lusanne Switzerland
Polly O'Rourke (BU postdoc) Assistant Professor University of Maryland
Eleni Pinnow Associate Professor University of Wisconsin
Larissa Ranbom Adjunct Assistant Professor SUNY Oneonta
Todd Schachtman Professor University of Missouri at Columbia
Michael Skelly Assistant Professor DePaul University
Matthew Starr Human Factors Specialist IBM
Pamela Steinert Postdoctoral Fellow University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Dianne Thornhill  Research Analyst University of Colorado
Debra Titone Associate Professor, Canadian Research Chair McGill University
Richard Topolski Professor University of Georgia
Stuart Tousman Associate Professor Jefferson College of Health Sciences
Gonzalo Pablo Urcelay Instructor Cambridge University
Kouji Urushihara (BU postdoc) Associate Professor University of Hakkaido (Japan)
Miguel Vadillo (BU postdoc) Research Associate University College - London
Ulrich Weger Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor University of Kent (UK)
Kristin Weingartner Associate Professor Hofstra University
Michael Wenger Assistant Professor Pennsylvania State University
Daniel Wheeler Postdoctoral Fellow Johns Hopkins University
James Witnauer Assistant Professor SUNY Brockport
Caili Wu Senior Research Consultant Canadian Health Services

Last Updated: 12/14/16