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The Center for Cognitive and Psycholinguistic Sciences (CaPS)

The CaPS Center is a multidisciplinary research center bringing together researchers from a number of different academic units (psychology, linguistics, philosophy, management, engineering, anthropology) plus local industry and other academic institutions in upstate New York. The organizing theme of the CaPS Center is basic and applied cognitive science, with a sub-focus on linguistics. The center provides a forum for discussion and conducting research, and provides resources in support of research. In addition to an active speaker series with local, national and international participants, the center supports and coordinates interdisciplinary courses and research projects and also provides some direct support for research projects and for presentation of research findings.

The center supports research and training in various areas of cognitive science including research into the nature, structure and development of language skills; conceptual and neural modeling of human thought, memory and decision processes; analogous modeling of cognitive processes in animals; and investigations of perceptual processes in multiple sensory channels as well as intersensory integration.

Last Updated: 8/13/18