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CAPS Research Center Faculty

  • Cynthia Connine: psycholinguistics, spoken word recognition, speech perception
  • Peter Gerhardstein: visual perception and memory, development of abilities in these areas
  • Albrecht Inhoff: word recognition, attention and eye movement control in reading and typing, eye-hand coordination
  • Celia Klin: reading comprehension, memory
  • Kenneth Kurtz: concepts and category learning, similarity and analogy, neural network models of cognition, knowledge representation
  • Ralph Miller: elementary information processing (animals/humans)
  • Richard Pastore: auditory perception, cognition, attention, human factors
  • Lawrence Roberts  
  • H. Stephen Straight 
  • Eileen Way
  • Deanne Westerman: human memory, face recognition, memory illusions
  • Lijun Yin: face recognition

Last Updated: 7/27/16