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CAPS Student Travel Awards


Graduate student members of the CaPS center are eligible to apply for travel awards to attend conferences in which they present research findings from work done in a CaPS research lab. Each student can receive one award per year, and the student must be a member of a full CaPS-associated lab (not an affiliated lab). Awards are made up to $300, and can be used for air travel, hotel accommodations and registration expenses. The CaPS Center will not reimburse food expenses. Note that additional funding is available to graduate students from the Graduate Student Organization and the Graduate School.

How to apply

Prior to attending the conference, students should send an e-mail request to the director of the CaPS center to apply. Application materials including a photocopy of a program or other announcement showing the student's accepted presentation should be submitted to the CaPS center secretary as well.

Last Updated: 7/27/16