Adolescent alcohol

This website was designed to provide non-scientists as well as researchers, prospective students, postdoctoral trainees and staff with information about the Drugs and Development laboratory directed by Linda Spear, Ph.D., at Binghamton University. This website provides information about us, our research activities, laboratory affiliates and links to other relevant websites. We hope that you find our website useful.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about our work or queries about possible openings in our laboratory. We seek bright, dedicated, and enthusiastic individuals to join us in exploring the interrelationships between brain development, behavior and stress during adolescence and in our quest to understand why adolescents often use alcohol and other drugs so avidly and whether there are lasting consequences of that use.

Doing research is a joy, privilege, and responsibility....

Do I drink too much?

Research conducted by Dr. Spear was recently featured on the BBC program Horizon. In this episode, titled "Do I Drink Too Much?", Dr. Spear discusses the effects of alcohol on adolescents.

The Behavioral Neuroscience of Adolescence.

Dr. Spear's book provides an overview of the genetic, hormonal, and neurological developments that take place during adolescence, and shows how these changes, along with influential sociocultural factors, interact to produce distinctly adolescent behaviors and thought processes.