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Vladimir Miskovic

Vladimir Miskovic, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, State University of New York at Binghamton

Co-Director, Center for Affective Science

Ph.D.: McMaster University
Post-doctoral: University of Florida
Area: Cognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Phone: 607-777-4176; Lab: 607-777-4186
Office: Clearview Hall, 64
As a mentor my goal is to provide students with a strong theoretical foundation and to equip them with the necessary methodological tools that they need to conduct quality scientific work. Students will be encouraged to gain experience in communicating their research both during in-house presentations and in peer reviewed outlets. In the lab I aim to foster an open, non-authoritative approach that encourages free and intellectually rigorous exploration of ideas in a supportive environment. I perceive graduate students to be junior colleagues, who are self-motivated and eager to collaboratively pursue scientific questions of common interest.

Graduate Students

Nadia Haddara, Ph.D. Student 

Karl Kuntzelman, Ph.D. Student

Lyman Rhodes, Ph.D. Student

Graduate Alumni

Natalie Hansen, M.Sc.  (Air Force Research Laboratory)

Undergraduate RAs

Adam Buschle

Stacey Davis

Kendra Deschamps

Stephanie Ijomah

Erica Miller

Thomas Nguyen

Jessica Obie

Ryan O'Rourke

Sabrina Smakovic

Caroline Weiss

Last Updated: 4/26/17