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Nguyen, T., Kuntzelman, K., & Miskovic, V. (2017). Entrainment of visual steady state responses is modulated by global spatial statistics. Journal of Neurophysiology, in press.

Petro, N.M., Gruss, L.F., Yin, S., Huang, H., Miskovic, V., Ding, M., & Keil, A. (2017). Multimodal imaging evidence for a frontoparietal modulation of visual cortex during the selective processing of conditioned threat. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, in press.

Miskovic, V., Kuntzelman, K., & Goddard, C.A. (2017). On the handling of stimulation artifacts during simultaneous electroencephalography (EEG) and transcranial low field strength magnetic stimulation (LFMS). Brain Stimulation, in press.

Pontifex, M.B., Miskovic, V., & Laszlo, S. (2017). Evaluating the efficacy of fully automated approaches for the selection of eye blink ICA components. Psychophysiology, in press.

Woody, M.L., Miskovic, V., Owens, M., James, K.M., Feurer, C., Sosoo, E.E., & Gibb, B.E. (2017). Competition effects in visual cortex between emotional distractors and a primary task in remitted depression. Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging, in press.

Wieser, M.J., Miskovic, V., & Keil, A. (2016). Steady-state visual evoked potentials as a research tool in social affective neuroscience. Psychophysiology, in press.

Miskovic, V., Owens, M., Kuntzelman, K., & Gibb. (2016). Charting moment-to-moment brain signal variability from early to late childhood. Cortex, 83, 51-61.

Kang, D., Liu, Y., Miskovic, V., Keil, A., & Ding, M. (2016). Large-scale functional brain connectivity during emotional engagement as revealed by beta-series correlation analysis. Psychophysiology, in press.

Kuntzelman, K., & Miskovic, V. (2016). Reliability of graph metrics derived from resting-state human EEG. Psychophysiology, Special Issue, Re-Centering Science: Reliability, Robustness and Reproducibility in Psychophysiological Research.

Miskovic, V., Kuntzelman, K., Chikazoe, J., & Anderson, A.K. (2016). Representation of affect in sensory cortex. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, in press.


Miskovic, V., Ma, X., Chou, C.A., Fan, M., Owens, M., Sayama, H., & Gibb, B.E. (2015). Developmental changes in spontaneous electrocortical activity and network organization from early to late childhood. Neuroimage, 118, 237-247.

Miskovic, V., Martinovic, J., Wieser, M.J., Petro, N.M., Bradley, M.M., & Keil, A. (2015). Electrocortical amplification for emotionally arousing natural scenes: The contribution of luminance and chromatic visual channels. Biological Psychology, in press.

Miskovic, V., Kuntzelman, K.M., & Fletcher, N. (2015). Searching for affect in affective neuroscience: Challenges and opportunities. Psychology of Consciousness, in press.


Anderson, A.K. (2015). Toward an objective neural measurement of subjective feeling states. Psychology of  Consciousness, in press.

Smith, S.M., & Thompson, E. (2015). Searching for affect: From William James to neurophenomenology. Psychology of Consciousness, in press.

Panksepp, J. (2015). The rewarding and punishing properties of deep brain stimulation - the most promising entry points for constitutive studies of affective experiences in other animals. Psychology of Consciousness, in press.

    Reply to Commentaries:

Miskovic, V., Kuntzelman, K., & Fletcher, N. (2015). Affect as a natural phenomenon: The place of value in biology. Psychology of Consciousness, in press.

Bartsch, F., Hamuni, G., Miskovic, V., Lang, P.J., & Keil, A. (2015). Oscillatory brain activity in the alpha range is modulated by the content of word-prompted mental imagery. Psychophysiology, in press

Khodam Hazrati, M., Miskovic, V., Principe, J., & Keil, A. (2015). Functional connectivity in frequency tagged cortical networks during active harm avoidance. Brain Connectivity, in press.


Miskovic, V., & Keil, A. (2014). Escape from harm: Linking affective vision and motor responses during active avoidance. Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, in press.

Miskovic, V., & Keil, A. (2014). Reliability of event-related EEG functional connectivity during visual entrainment: Magnitude squared coherence and phase synchrony estimates. Psychophysiology, in press

Wieser, M.J., Miskovic, V., Rausch, S., & Keil, A. (2014). Different time course of visuocortical signal changes to fear-conditioned faces with direct or averted gaze: A ssVEP study with single-trial analysis. Neuropsychologia, in press.

Khanmohammadi, S., Miskovic, V., Esfahlani, F., & Chou, C.A. (2014). Pattern discrimination of neuroelectric waveforms evoked by synchronized visuo-motor integration. Conference Proceedings: IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology.


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Miskovic, V., & Keil, A. (2013). Visuocortical changes during delay and trace aversive conditioning: Evidence from steady-state visual evoked potentials. Emotion, 13, 554-561.


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Miskovic, V., & Schmidt, L.A. (2010). Cross-regional cortical synchronization during affective image viewing. Brain Research, 1362, 102-111.

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