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PSYC 473K - Affective Neuroscience Seminar

Course description: This is an advanced seminar course that explores the neurobiological foundations of human and animal emotions through selected readings of modern and classical texts. Students will be exposed to the major conceptual schools of thought that have played historically important roles in the emergence of affective neuroscience as a sub-discipline. Students will be introduced to the experimental tools and methods that are commonly used in modern neuroscientific studies of emotion. The basic neuroanatomy and neurochemistry relevant to the study of emotion and motivation will be reviewed with an emphasis on several core systems (e.g., fear and anxiety, reward and hedonic pleasure). The course will attempt to provide a balanced overview of the field and where possible integrate empirical evidence from both human and non-human animal models, with an emphasis on a systems level neuroscience approach. A preliminary background in physiological psychology is strongly recommended.

PSYC 344 - Research Methods

Course description: Principles of research methodology and experimental design in psychological research with humans and animals. Research approaches used in various areas of modern scientific psychology are considered. Emphasis is on the design and execution of psychological research using observational, correlational and experimental methodologies. Sample demonstration procedures are used to illustrate the important aspects of the conduct, analysis and reporting of psychological research. Students will also become familiar with the report writing style of the American Psychological Association.

Last Updated: 7/27/16