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Intense stress and trauma are all too common. The Couple Adjustment to Stress and Trauma (CAST) Lab is committed to enhancing our understanding of the impact of acute stress and trauma on intimate relationships.

   More than surviving - thriving!

CAST Lab Director: Christina Balderrama-Durbin, Ph.D.

Recent News


CAST Lab's first-year clinical doctoral student, Alex Wang, is captivating people's attention with his research on the savoring of positive relationship memories. Check it out


Rachael Shaw, CAST undergraduate RA, was featured in BingU News for her work with trauma-exposed populations including Veterans suffering from PTSD. We're so proud! 

Hot Off the Press


Check out our latest article on risk for infidelity across the deployment cycle in the Journal of Family Psychology




Join the Lab


The CAST Lab continues to grow and is excited to have two new outstanding graduate students, Eileen Barden and Dana Ergas, join our lab family! The lab also has a largely new crop of stellar undergraduate RAs: Jeannie Alonzo, Kianna Beckles, Jennifer Howard, Kathryn Kelly, Moriah Martindale, Mauricio Montes, Blondyne Mukoko, Leanna Poole, Reema Shah, and Brett Silverstein. 


Last Updated: 9/19/17