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Nicole Cameron


Assistant Professor of Psychology (Joint Appointment in Biology)



PhD, Boston University, Boston, MA USA

Postdoctoral Fellow, Developmental Neuroendocrinology Laboratory and McGill Program for the Study of Behaviour, Genes and Environment

Area: Behavioral Neuroscience
Phone: 607-777-4580
Office: Science II, Room 261
Lab:  Science V, 1st Floor 

Curriculum vitae (pdf, 336 KB)


Professional Activities:

Member of Society for Neuroscience, Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology, International Society for Developmental Psychobiology and International Behavioral Neuroscience Society. Center for Development and Behavioral Neuroscience (CDBN,Binghamton University), Developmental Exposure Alcohol Research Center (DEARC; Binghamton University), Evolutionary Studies (EVOS) Program at Binghamton University.

Research Interests:

Effects of early life stressors, neuroendocrinology, mammalian physiology, evolution and behavior.

Research Description:

Our lab investigates the effect of early environmental conditions on development, physiology and behavior in mammals. Using an animal model of natural variations in maternal care we have been able to study the parental influences on the reproductive system, and mood, anxiety and depression-like behaviors of the female offspring. We are also investigating the effects of natural variation in maternal care on alcohol use and abuse. Our research tools include behavioral testing, cellular biology (Immunohistology, Western blotting, qRT-PCR and DNA methylation), pharmacology (central and peripheral drug infusion) and physiology (EIA and brain microdyalises) to investigate the impact of parental care on the offspring's phenotype. Our research is critical in defining the causal role of parental care on offspring development.

You can hear me discuss my research here.

Philosophy of Graduate Training:

I think that mentoring involves a balance between guidance, structure, and encouragement of independence. Students should be guided in the development of relatively straightforward research projects that can yield publishable findings, while being provided with training in experimental methods.  Students, who are given the opportunity to prepare, submit publications as well as present orally their research as part of their training, develop effective communication skills.  I am convinced that the best way to do high-quality research is to let students become actively involved intellectually and contribute their own ideas to the research problem.

Selected Publications since coming to Binghamton University:

(*=graduate students, **=undergraduate students)

*Borrow, A.P, Fivecoat, H., and Cameron, N.M. (submitted, in revision) Parent-child communication or family background: their association with risky sexual behavior and alcohol use in college students. Study conception and design: N.M.C.; Acquisition of data: A.P.B., N.M.C; Analysis and interpretation of data: A.P.B., H.F., N.M.C.; Writing manuscript: A.P.B., H.F., N.M.C.

*Borrow, A.P., and Cameron, N.M. (accepted pending review) Maternal care and affective behavior in female offspring: Implication of the neurosteroid/GABAergic system. Study conception and design: N.M.C., A.P.B..; Acquisition of data: A.P.B.; Analysis and interpretation of data: N.M.C., A.P.B.; Writing manuscript: A.P.B., N.M.C.  This is part of A.P.B. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Nizhnikov, M.E., *Popoola. D.O. and Cameron, N.M. (2016) Trans-generational transmission of the effect of gestational ethanol exposure on ethanol use-related behavior. ACER, 40(3), 497-506. Study conception and design: N.M.C., M.E.N.; Acquisition of data: D.O.P., M.E.N.; Analysis and interpretation of data: M.E.N, D.O.P., N.M.C; Writing manuscript: D.O.P., A.P.B., N.M.C.  This is part of D.O.P. Master’s Thesis. 

*Popoola. D.O., *Borrow. A.P., **Sanders, J.E. Nizhnikov, M.E. and Cameron, N.M. (2015)  Can low-level ethanol exposure during pregnancy influence maternal care? An investigation using two strains of rat across two generations. Physiol Behav. 148:111-21. Study conception and design: N.M.C., M.E.N.; Acquisition of data: D.O.P., A.P.B., J.E.S.; Analysis and interpretation of data: N.M.C., J.E.S; Writing manuscript: D.O.P., A.P.B., N.M.C.  

*Borrow, A.P., and Cameron, N.M. (2014) Estrogenic mediation of serotoninergic and neurotrophic systems: implications for female mood disorders. Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry, 54(3): 13-25.

*Borrow, A.P., **Levy, M.J., *Soehngen E.P. and Cameron, N.M. (2013). Maternal care and perinatal testosterone exposure modulate female puberty onset. J Neuroendocrinol. 25(6): 528-536. Study conception and design: N.M.C., A.P.B..; Acquisition of data: A.P.B., M.J.L., E.P.S..; Analysis and interpretation of data: N.M.C., A.P.B.; Writing manuscript: A.P.B., E.P.S., C.P., N.M.C.  This is A.P.B. Master’s Thesis.

McCormick, C.M., Green, M.R., Cameron, N.M., Nixon, F., **Levy, M.J. and **Clark, R.A. (2013). Deficits in male sexual behavior in adulthood after social instability stress in adolescence in rats. Horm Behav, 63(1):5-12. Study conception and design: C.M.M., N.M.C.; Acquisition of data: M.R.G., F.N., M.J.L., R.A.C.; Analysis and interpretation of data: C.M.M., N.M.C, R.A.C; Writing manuscript: C.M.M., N.M.C.

*Prior, K.M., Meaney, M.J., and Cameron, N.M. (2012). The effect of maternal care on female rat reproductive behavior in a group mating environment. Dev Psychobiol 55(8):838-848. Study conception and design: N.M.C.; Acquisition of data: K.M.P., N.M.C.; Analysis and interpretation of data: K.M.P., N.M.C; Writing manuscript: K.M.P, N.M.C.; Critic of the manuscript: M.J.M. This was K.M.P Master’s Thesis.

Parent, C., Del Corpo, A., Cameron, N.M. and Meaney, M.J. (2012). Maternal care associates with play dominance rank among adult female rats. Dev Psychobiol. 55(7):745-756. Study conception and design: N.M.C., M.M.J., C.P.; Acquisition of data: A. D.C., N.M.C., P.C..; Analysis and interpretation of data:  C.P., N.M.C.; writing manuscript: C.P., N.M.C., M.J.M.  

*Borrow, A.P. and Cameron N.M. (2012). The role of oxytocin in mating and pregnancy. Horm Behav. 61(3):266-276. Review written at Binghamton and requested by L. Young & L.M. Flanagan-Cato.

Cameron, N.M. (2011) Maternal programming of reproductive function and behavior in the female rat. Front Evol Neurosci. 3:10. Review written at Binghamton requested by Special Issue Guest Associate Editor, Melanie Shoup-Knox.

Cameron, N.M., *E. Soehngen and Meaney, M.J. (2011) Variations in maternal care influences ventromedial hypothalamus activation in the rat. J. Neuroendocrinol. 23(5):393-400. Study conception and design: N.M.C., M.M.J.; Acquisition of data: N.M.C. & E.S.; Analyse and interpretation of data:  N.M.C.; writing manuscript: N.M.C.  

Earlier publications:

Cameron, N, Shahrokh, D., Del Corpo, A., Dhir, S., Szyf, M., Champagne, F.A. and Meaney, M.J. (2008) Epigenetic programming of phenotypic variations in reproductive strategies in the rat through maternal care. J. Neuroendocrinol. 20(6):795-801.

Cameron, N.M., Del Corpo, A., Diorio, J., McAllister, K., Sharma S. and Meaney, M.J. (2008) Maternal programming of sexual behavior and hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal function in the female rat. PLoS One. 3(5): e2210.

Cameron, N.M., Fish, E.W. and Meaney, M.J. (2008) Maternal influences on the sexual behavior and reproductive success of the female rat. Horm Behav. 54(1):178-184.

Cameron, N.M., Champagne, F.A., Parent C. Fish, E.W. Ozaki-Kuroda, K. and Meaney, M.J. (2005) The programming of individual differences in defensive responses and reproductive strategies in the rat through variations in maternal care. Neurosci Biobehav Rev, 29(4-5)843-865.

Cameron, N.M., Carey, P.S. and Erskine, M.S. (2004). Medullary noradrenergic neurons release norepinephrine in the medial amygdala in females in response to mating stimulation sufficient for pseudopregnancy. Brain Res, 1022(1-2):137-147.

Cameron, N.M., Ha, G.K. and Erskine, M.S. (2004). Fos expression after mating in noradrenergic cells of the A1 and A2 areas of the medulla is altered by adrenalectomy. J Neuroendocrinol, 16(9):750-757.

Erskine, M.S., Lehmann M.L., Cameron, N.M. and Polston, E (2004). Co-regulation of sexual behaviour and pregnancy induction: an exploratory synthesis. Behav Brain Res, 153(2):295-315.

Cameron, N , Ha, G.K. and Erskine, M.S. (2003). Effect of adrenalectomy on mating-induced prolactin surges and pseudopregnancy in the female rat. Neuroendocrinology, 78(5)138-146.

Cameron, N and Erskine, M.S. (2003). C-fos expression in the forebrain after mating in the female rat is altered by adrenalectomy. Neuroendocrinology, 77(5): 15-23.



Cameron. N.M. and Garcia J.R. (2013) Maternal effect and offspring development. In Fisher, M., Garcia, J.R., Chang, R.S., Strout, S.L. (Eds), Evolution’s Empress: Darwinian Perspectives on the Nature of Women.  (Oxford University Press, New York). pp. 133-154. 


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