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Peter Donovick


Professor of Psychology



Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
Post-doctoral fellowships: M. S. Hershey Medical Center (1970-71), Neurophysiology/Neuroanatomy; Hutchings Psychiatric Center (1983-84), Clinical Neuropsychology; Recanati Rehabilitation Center (1989-90), Neurorehabilitation
Areas: Clinical Psychology; Behavioral Neuroscience
Phone: 607-777-2852
Office: Clearview Hall, Room 50


Professional Activities:

Coordinator of Neuropsychological Training; Director of Memory and Dementia Clinic; Consulting Neuropsychologist, Binghamton Vet Center; Executive Committee of the Association for Doctoral Education in Clinical Neuropsychology (ADECN); APA, Division 40 (Clinical Neuropsychology), Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee

Research Interests:

We are utilizing neuropsychological techniques to better understand cognitive/behavioral factors in (1) aging and dementia, (2) incarcerated persons, (3) the neuropsychology of compassion, (4) neuropsychocological aspects of health and illness, and (5) the neurocognitive consequences of bilingualism. Thus students in our laboratory are working in prisons, hospitals and nursing homes, as well as on campus.

Selected Publications:

(*Designates that the person was a student of the lab when the research was conducted; typically, students present at conferences and publish work in their 1st year)

120. Hoofien, D., Vakil, E., Gilboa, A., Donovick, P.J., Barak, O. (2002) Comparison of the predictive power of socio-economic variables, severity of injury and age on long-term outcome of traumatic brain injury: sample-specific variables versus factors as predictors Brain Injury 16, 9-27

121. Holtzer*, R., Burright, R.G., & Donovick, P.J. (2004) The sensitivity of dual-task performance to cognitive status in aging. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 10, 230-238.

122. Williams*, M.A., Sklar, A.H., Burright, R.G., & Donovick, P.J. (2004) Temporal effects of dialysis on cognitive functioning in patients with end-stage renal disease. American Journal of Kidney Diseases, 43, 705-711.

126. Portocarrero*, J.S., Burright, R.G., & Donovick, P.J. (2007) Vocabulary & verbal fluency of bilingual and monolingual college students. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology 22, 415-422

133. Ball*, T.A., Pastore, R.E., Sollman*, M.J, Burright, R.G., & Donovick, P.J. (2009) The utility of the BNCE as a predictor of neurocognitive dysfunction. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 23: 1037-1049

4 manuscripts are under editorial review including:

Hayward*, L. Gracia* M., & Donovick, P.J.,(Submitted) Considering Intelligence: a look at psychotherapy in prisons

Crossman*, D. M., Maloney*, A., Zamora*, D., & Donovick, P.J. (Submitted) Killing a killer: race and time to execution of Texas death row inmates


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