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Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Linguistics Emeritus

Ph.D., Purdue University
Post-doctoral Fellow: Central Institute for the Deaf (St. Louis, MO)
Visiting Scientist: Haskins Laboratories (New Haven, CT)
Area: Cognitive Psychology
Phone: 607-777-2539
Office: Science IV, Room 104
Dr. Pastore's Home Page

Professional Activities:

Fellow: American Psychological Society, American Psychological Association; Center for Cognitive and Psycholinguistic Sciences

Research Interests:

Auditory perception, cognition, and attention; human factors

Research Description:

The Psychoacoustics-Auditory Cognition Laboratory had a broad research program focused on a number of different, but interrelated themes about the nature and interaction of bottom-up and top-down processing of complex auditory stimuli. However, the laboratory is now shut down, with work devoted only to writing up manuscripts based upon collected data.

Philosophy of Graduate Training:

Graduate training needs to be an interactive immersion into all aspect of professional activities. It is important that, throughout one's graduate career, each student actively participate (with increasing responsibility) in the discussion of proposed and completed research, the preparation of manuscripts and grants, the revision of manuscripts and grants in response to reviews, the supervision and training of undergraduates and less senior graduate students, and ultimately having primary responsibility for all of these professional activities. In addition to solid training in basic research, graduate students in the laboratory sometimes receive applied training on internships, and some have accepted solid positions in industry.

Selected Publications:

Pastore, R.E., Gaston, J.R., and Berens, M.S. (under review). Backward Recognition Masking as a General Type of Interference in Needed Post-Stimulus Processing. Perception & Psychophyics.

Pastore, R.E., Flint, J.D., Gaston, J.R., & Solomon, M.J. (in press). Auditory Event Perception: The Source-Perception Loop for Posture in Human Gait, Perception & Psychophysics.

Berens, M.S., & Pastore, R.E. (2005) Contextual relative temporal duration judgment: An investigation of sequence interruptions. Perception & Psychophysics, 67, 102-119.

Pastore, R.E., Crawley, E.W., Berens, M.S., & Skelly, M. (2003) Nonparametric A' and other modern misconceptions about signal detection theory. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 10, 556-569.

Crawley, E.J., Acker-Mills, B.E., Pastore, R.E., & Weil, S. (2002). Change detection in multi-voice music: The role of musical structure, musical training, and task demands. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 28, 367-378.

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