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Steven Lynn


Distinguished Professor of Psychology & Director of The Psychological Clinic


Ph.D., Indiana University
Internship: Alameda County Mental Health Services, Oakland, California
Post-doctoral fellowship: Lafayette Clinic, Detroit, Michigan
Area: Clinical Psychology
Phone: 607-222-6891
Office: Clearview Hall, Room 44

Curriculum vitae (222kb)

Homepage:  Binghamton University Psychological Clinic

Professional Activities:

Consulting Editor, Journal of Abnormal Psychology; North American Editor, Contemporary Hypnosis; Associate Editor, International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis; Advisory Editor, American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis; Associate Editor, Sleep and Hypnosis; Editorial Board, Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice; Editorial Board, Imagination, Cognition and Personality; Editorial Board, Romanian Journal of Psychotherapy; Editorial Advisor Board, Journal of Cultic Studies: Psychological Manipulation and Society; Associate, Behavioral and Brain Sciences; Consultant, Consumer Reports on Health; Fellow: American Psychological Association, American Psychological Society, American Association for Applied and Preventive Psychology, American Academy of Forensic Psychology, Commission for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health, Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis; Diplomate, American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP: Clinical, Forensic); Director of the Psychological Clinic, Binghamton University; Past President: APA Division of Psychological Hypnosis (30); Forensic consultant (attorneys, courts): eyewitness and repressed memories, competence, insanity.

Research Interests:

Dissociation, memory, mindfulness/acceptance, hypnosis, experimental psychopathology, and science versus pseudoscience.

Research Description:

Current or upcoming projects: The effects of sleep deprivation versus improving sleep on dissociation; hypnosis and memory; PTSD flashbacks; hypnotic treatment of smoking cessation; and construct validation of a scale to assess “ultrasensitive people.” 

Philosophy of Graduate Training:

My commitment to students is unwavering: to train versatile and "complete" clinical scientists who are critical thinkers, excellent researchers, and effective clinicians. Our laboratory is very active, and students are considered junior colleagues in every respect. Students have the freedom to initiate their own projects under my supervision, as well as contribute to ongoing projects in the laboratory. Creativity, independence, and the ability to work well with others are highly valued.

Selected Publications (from a total of 307):

*Barnes, S., & Lynn, S. J. (in press). Mindfulness and depression: A longitudinal study. Imagination, Cognition, and Personality. (Special issue on mindfulness and depression, Edited by Lynn & Honeycutt)

Lynn, S. J., *Boycheva, E. & *Barnes, S. (in press). Hypnosis. In I. Weiner, & E. Craighead (Eds.), Corsini's Encyclopedia of Psychology 4th Ed. New York: Wiley.

Lynn, S. J., *Malaktaris, A., *Condon, L., *Maxwell, R., & *Cleere, C. (in press). The treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder: Cognitive hypnotherapy, mindfulness, and acceptance-based approaches. American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis.

Lynn, S. J., Lilienfeld, S.O., Merckelbach, H., Giesbrecht, T., & van der Kloet, D. (in press). Dissociation and dissociative disorders: Challenging conventional wisdom. Current Directions in Psychological Science.

Van der Kloet, D., Giesbrecht, T., Lynn, S.J., Merckelbach, H., & de Zutter, A. (in press). Sleep normalization and decrease in dissociative experiences: Evaluation in an inpatient sample. Journal of Abnormal Psychology.

Lilienfeld, S., Lynn, S.J., Ruscio, J, & Beyerstein, B. (2010). 50 great myths of popular psychology: Shattering widespread myths and misconceptions about human behavior (Translated into 21 languages). New York: Wiley-Blackwell.




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