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Internships for Undergraduates in Psychology

Undergraduates in the Department of Psychology can take advantage of internship opportunities in the Binghamton region during the fall or spring terms, or closer to home over winter or summer breaks. 

You may take a paid or unpaid internship, get credit, or simply volunteer. Regardless of whether and how you are compensated, internships are a great experience and we highly encourage you to take advantage of them during your time at Binghamton.

Binghamton University allows students to earn a maximum of 8 credits on internships throughout the course of their undergraduate careers. Eight credits of internship credit may be applied to fulfill one 400-level seminar course, or four credits of internship credit may be applied to fulfill one psychology elective. In order for internship credits to be applied to the Psychology major, students must receive authorization in advance. Internship consultants at the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development will be able help you complete the online form to begin the authorization process.  

How To Get an Internship

  • Explore the Fleishman Center's Gain Experience section online.
  • Attend an employer information session or internship fair.
  • Create your own! Contact employers you'd be interested in working for to determine if they'd be willing to accept an intern.
  • hireBING - Log on to the hireBING site to see internship listings. The Spring 2019 deadline to apply for many pre-approved Career Development Centralized Internship (CDCI) sites through hireBING is the end of November 2018. Some internships will be available on hireBING after this date.  Follow application instructions on each posting.  You may also search for non-CDCI internships through hireBING and request credit by emailing
  • Go to walk-in hours at Fleishman Center (UU133) to see what other opportunities are available and to work on your resume and cover letter, or get help choosing an internship.
  • Email with questions.

*A resume/CV, letters of reference, background checks, drug screening, and immunization records may be required by your internship site.


CDCI 385/395 Professional Internships that will count for Psychology credit:

  • Credits: 4 credits (upper level) (some 2 credit internships are accepted)
  • Internship Length: Late August-December 2018
  • Hours at the Site: 120 for a semester
  • Weekly 1 Hour Class with Assignments, which may involve journaling, papers, presentations, participation, peer feedback, mid-term and final evaluation by your site supervisor
  • 2 credit and 4 credit internships add up across semesters to meet the requirement
  • 8 total credits of internship can fulfill ONE 400-Level Seminar requirement 


  • 4 total credits of internship can fulfill ONE Psychology Elective requirement
  • Contact if you have additional questions.

How To Register for an Internship

1. Attend a CDCI info session (dates are listed on the CDCI webpage:

2. E-mail to Request Credit for the Internship

3. Fill out the Request for Credit form you will receive by email from CDCI. After you return the completed form, CDCI will send you approval and you will then be registered online for a CDCI course. 

4. Once you are registered for a CDCI course, THEN you can petition the Psychology department to consider applying those credits to fulfill requirements for the Psychology major. You must be registered for a CDCI course before you submit the online petition here.


Need help with a resume or cover letter? Go to the Fleishman Center for assistance!

Last Updated: 7/13/18