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Meet the Spring 2019 Speaking Center Staff!

Read below about the undergraduate students who work with the Speaking Center in either the Consultant or Senior Consultant role.  

Spring 2019 Speaking Center Consultants

The Speaking Center recruits and trains selected undergraduate students to serve as consultants in the lab every fall and spring semester. Consultants hold regular office hours staffing the Speaking Center as well as participate in a weekly class on public speaking and communication skills development/consulting. Speaking Center Consultants receive academic internship credit for their time commitment. 









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Spring 2019 Speaking Center Senior Consultants

Senior consultants are undergraduates who serve in a variety of roles that incorporate oral communication skills development. They facilitate workshops about oral communication and presentation skills to a variety of audiences including student organizations, student leader groups, classrooms, and others. Workshop topics focus on a variety of development areas including professional presentation skills, public speaking anxiety, effective visual aids, verbal and non-verbal communication delivery, presentation organization and more. The Speaking Center senior consultants have all served at least one semester as a consultant and have successfully completed the Speaking Center consultant seminar.


Meet Our Senior Consultants:
Brandon Suber
Major: Actuarial Science & Economics
Class Standing: Junior
Advice: "If you enjoy what you're saying, your audience will as well."
Daniel Guzman
Major: Business Administration
Class Standing: Senior
Advice: "Speaking is natural when you are interested and passionate. Try to make the most out of your content so that you are having fun while you are presenting."

Ethan Feuer
Major: English, Minor in Education
Class Standing: Junior
Advice: "Be interested, not interesting!gena
Gena Rising
Major: political science
Class Standing: Sophomore
Advice: "Remember to breathe."
Matthew Benak
Major: Philosophy, Political Science, and Pre-Law Major
Class Standing: Sophomore
Advice: "Make nice eye-contact with your audience and use productive body language!"mattd
Matthew Dorfman
Major: Political Science
Class Standing: Junior
Advice: "Make eye contact, it's the best way to engage with each member of the audience"
Rebecca Werfel
Major: Financial Economics
Class Standing: Junior
Advice: "Take a deep breath and stand tall, being confident in yourself is half the battle"
Sahar Akhlaq
Major: Biological Science
Class Standing: Junior
Advice: "Push through, it'll be over soon!"
Anthony Virga
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class Standing: Senior
Advice: "Use your voice and hands to bring your personality across - avoid nervous gestures!"

Last Updated: 3/13/19