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Speaking Center Services Include:

Consultations at the Speaking Center

  • Digitally recording your presentations/speeches. After your appointment, we will send you a copy of your video to watch back on your own time
  • Immediate presentation assessments/feedback from our trained peer consultants. This entails constructive feedback on areas many students find difficult, including verbal/nonverbal delivery, transitions, pauses, organization, and much more
  • Assistance with group presentation delivery and cohesion
  • Evaluation and assistance with visual aids (power point, prezi, etc.)
  • Assistance with presentation organization, preparation, and meeting specific assignment guidelines 
  • Impromptu scenarios so you can improve your public overall speaking skills
  • Support in managing public speaking anxiety and communication apprehension

The peer consultants who work at the Speaking Center are here to help you with all your presentation and public speaking questions and concerns. Make an appointment today to see what we are all about! 

What students can expect...

What students should not expect...

  • Our peer consultants to assist you in refining your presentation/speech and/or verbal delivery

  • Our peer consultants to create your presentation/speech for you

  • Written and verbal feedback on your speaking skills

  • To get an evaluation form signed by a peer consultant without presenting

  • To be recorded via Panopto

  • Expect to receive an "A" for their presentation/speech

  • Peer consultants to focus solely on you or your group for the full time of the appointment

  • Peer consultants to tell you exactly how to do your presentation/speech


How to prepare for your appointment:

  • Arrive a few minutes early
  • Come knowing what you want to work on (impromptu, class assignment, etc.)
  • If coming in for a class, it will be helpful to bring in an assignment description or guideline information
  • Students must bring already completed work with them – this includes your visual aid and outline of drafted content if relevant to the type of appointment
  • Bringing the recommended materials for your specific appointment (see below)


Recommendations on what to bring to your specific appointment:

If you are here to...

Brainstorm a topic:

  • Assignment description
  • Professor expectations
  • List of things that interest you
    • NOTE: we will not create your presentation or speech but assist you in perfecting the content according to your assignment description

Establish group roles & expectations:

  • Notebook and pen or pencil OR computer
  • All group members
  • Any assignment descriptions for the group

Improve your outline:

  • Current Outline
  • Assignment Rubric
  • Example outlines from textbook or professor

Improve PowerPoint /visual aid:

  • PowerPoint/visual aid
  • Outline, manuscript, or notes for your presentation
  • Folder of images, videos, or other files you want to include

Rehearse speech and receive feedback:

  • Materials for speech (laptop, flash drive, printed outline)
  • Assignment or project expectations

Data visualization:

  • Flash drive
  • Materials for data visualization
  • Notebook and pen or pencil OR computer


Educational Purpose Reminder

Support materials, video recordings, and feedback evaluations sent by or received from the Speaking Center are for educational purposes only. They are not intended to be shared beyond the scope of the assignment or purpose of the consultation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Assistant Director, Tyler Lenga at

Panopto Recording Notice

During appointments in the Speaking Center, students will be recorded via Panopto. For safety purposes, students should refrain from introducing themselves with their first and last name. Panopto has the ability to share recordings internationally. Although this has yet to occur, students should take caution to protect their identity while recording.

Speaking Center Cancellation Policy

Due to growing high demand of Speaking Center services, we have adopted a 3-time cancellation policy. If students cancel less than 12 hours before their scheduled appointment OR do not show up to their scheduled appointment 3 or more times, they will no longer be able to make Speaking Center appointments. If students need to cancel their appointment they simply should email the Speaking Center at and reschedule their appointment via our website here



The Speaking Center is sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs

Last Updated: 6/4/19