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Public Speaking Lab (PSL) services include:

Consultations at the Public Speaking Lab

  • Digitally recording your presentations/speeches. You even receive a FREE copy after your appointment!
  • Immediate presentation assessments from trained peer consultants. This entails constructive feedback on areas many students find difficult, including verbal/nonverbal delivery, transitions, pauses, and much more! 
  • Assistance with group presentation delivery
  • Evaluation and assistance with visual aids (power point, prezi, etc.)
  • Assistance with presentation organization, preparation, and meeting specific guidelines 
  • Practicing your impromptu speaking skills
  • Support in managing public speaking anxiety and communication apprehension

The peer consultants who work at the PSL are here to help you with all your presentation and public speaking questions and concerns. Make an appointment today to see what we are all about! 


The Public Speaking Lab is sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs

Last Updated: 1/18/17