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What students are saying about the Public Speaking Lab

- "This is a great way for people to practice giving presentations/speeches for classes and extra-curricular groups while receiving valuable feedback.  All students should really take advantage of this great service Binghamton has provided! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"


- "I visited the public speaking lab multiple times throughout the semester. Every appointment, I learned something new and how I could improve my presentations. The student assistants staffing the lab are very knowledgeable and helpful." 


- "The student assistants provided me with extremely informative and useful information about my presentation that I can apply to not only this presentation but future class presentations." 


- "My group was really struggling with our class presentation before visiting the lab. The public speaking lab staff members provided us with feedback and advice on our presentation that will help to strengthen our group presentation."


- "This was a very enjoyable experience. The student consultants created a very comfortable environment for me to practice my presentation and enhance my public speaking skills. The feedback they provided me was constructive and realistic for the presentation. I will be returning to the lab."


The Public Speaking Lab is committed to creating a comfortable environment for students to practice and develop their public speaking abilities. Make an appointment today! 

Last Updated: 1/18/17