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Public Speaking Workshops 

The Speaking Center staff have created a series of workshops for Binghamton University students, intended to help develop students' public speaking and presentation skills. These workshops provide a service that can meet the needs of any department, student organization or a specific course at the University. 

A team of undergraduate Senior Speaking Center Consultants facilitates the workshops, each scheduled for approximately one hour. Workshop topics range from public speaking anxiety, verbal and non-verbal delivery to visual aids and organizing a presentation. For the complete list of available workshops, please see the detailed descriptions below. We offer two different types of workshops, our twice-weekly workshop series, and personal request workshops. More information on these workshops and how to attend them can be found below. 

Spring 2019 Workshop Series

The Speaking Center is now hosting workshops at our location for any student to attend to strengthen their public speaking skills. If you are interested, we will be hosting them in the Speaking Center (101A - Consultation Room 2). The Speaking Center is located within the Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center (C4) Success Center (Suite 101). We are hosting five different workshop topics throughout the months of March, April and the beginning of May. Check out the descriptions and dates below.

Workshop Descriptions 

Effective Communication:

Here we will cover the skills necessary for effectively presenting information and communicating with others. Recommended for anyone that wants to improve general oral presentation skills.

Persuasive Presentations:
This workshop will cover how to organize and deliver a presentation with the goal of convincing an audience of an idea or viewpoint. Recommended for anyone trying to strengthen their content organization and delivery skills.

Presentation Anxiety:
The topic of this workshop addresses one of America's most common fears, public speaking. We will talk about what presentation anxiety is and ways to help overcome it.

Breaking Bad Habits:
The content of this workshop focuses on the little nervous ticks we all have when we give presentations. Here we will help you identify your tick (filler words, fidgeting, swaying, etc.) and how to get past them and make your public speaking professional.

Impromptu Presentations:
This workshop is dedicated to preparing for on the spot speaking and how to plan for them. We will not go over basic public speaking skills but instead, focus on low preparation time speaking situations. Be ready to give an impromptu during the workshop (topics provided by us). 

Sign up below by clicking the workshop titles and filling out the Google Form.

Dates & Topics:

Wed 3/27 (7pm-8pm) - Breaking Bad Habits
Thur 3/28 (6pm-7pm) - Persuasive Presentations
Mon 4/1 (8pm-9pm) - Effective Communication
Tue 4/2 (5pm-6pm) - Presentation Anxiety
Wed 4/10 (7pm-8pm) - Impromptu Presentations
Thur 4/11 (6pm-7pm) - Breaking Bad Habits
Mon 4/15 (8pm-9pm) - Persuasive Presentations
Tue 4/16 (5pm-6pm) - Effective Communication
Wed 4/24 (7pm-8pm) - Presentation Anxiety
Thur 4/25 (6pm-7pm) - Impromptu Presentations
Mon 4/29 (8pm-9pm) - Breaking Bad Habits
Tue 4/30 (5pm-6pm) - Persuasive Presentations
Wed 5/8 (7pm-8pm) - Effective Communication
Thur 5/9 (6pm-7pm) - Presentation Anxiety

If you have any issues signing up for the workshops please contact Christian Howles (


Workshop Request Form

For your convenience, the Program Assistants can bring the workshop to you in any on-campus space you reserve, at a time that is convenient for you and your group. To request a workshop please complete the Workshop Request Form (below) and a Speaking Center staff member will respond within 2-3 business days. Note: Workshop requests must be submitted seven days in advance of the anticipated workshop date.

Click here to access the Workshop Request Form

For specific workshop requests to fit the needs of your class or organization, please contact Tyler Lenga (



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