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Saving Money on Printer and PC Purchases

Date: October 7, 2008

To: Faculty and Staff

From: Business Office and Information Technology Services

Re: Saving Money on PC and Printer Purchases: "Check Before You Purchase!"

In these times of budget cutbacks, we are all looking for ways to better utilize available funds. A recent analysis of the University's purchasing records for PC's and printers through one popular vendor shows that campus departments typically spend over 30% more than they need to purchase this type of equipment. The numbers show that the average campus purchase of a new desktop PC cost $925 in FY 2007, using the standard higher education discounts available on the vendor's website. However, the same PC could have been purchased from the same vendor for $655, using special, standing state discounts. In effect, this $270 savings would be enough to allow the typical department to buy an extra PC for every 2.5 PC's purchased. For the volume of purchases on campus, the extra money spent approaches $200,000 per year on PC's alone.

You can save this money if you Check Before You Purchase! These savings are not specific to a particular vendor, as several have special purchasing arrangements with the state. How do you take advantage of these savings?

  • If you know what you want to buy, spec it out on the preferred company's website, but don't purchase until you run the specification and price by the Networking Group within ITS (contacted through the Helpdesk, at 7-6420). They will provide you with the best price.
  • If you don't know what you want, but you have special needs for a machine, then talk to Networking and they will help you specify the right machine and get the best price. Again, make contact by calling the Helpdesk.

These purchases and special pricing arrangements apply to both state and IFR funds, and to PC's and printers.

Please take advantage of these savings for your department, and remind others that the savings for the campus can be considerable. All you have to do is Check Before You Purchase!

Last Updated: 2/14/17