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Minority & Women Owned Businesses (MWBE) News

Effective immediately, according to a policy mandated by New York State and SUNY, any purchase over $25,000 must go through a special process to determine whether or not Certified Minority and/or Women owned Businesses Enterprises (CMWBE's) can participate in the procurement or fully supply the goods or services. We are required to attain a CMWBE utilization goal of purchasing 30% of all of our goods and services from CMWBE's. Due to the nature of this new process, please plan your purchases accordingly as anything over the $25,000 threshold will have a longer turnaround time due to additional SUNY and Empire State Development (ESD) approvals. Please contact the Purchasing Dept. if you have questions regarding NYS contracts or CMWBE's.

Feel free to review the new policy in the link provided below:

Purchasing SUNY Web Reminder

If an approved requisition under $2500 is received by Purchasing through SUNY Web Procurement prior to 2:00 P.M., it would be reviewed for appropriateness. If passing the review, the requisition would be assigned a purchase order number no later than close of business (5:00 P.M.) on this day. The requesting department will be able to access and print the newly created purchase order, sign the purchase order using a pre-determined departmental signatory and then mail, fax, scan/email the purchase order to the vendor.

Encumbering Funds Against A Contract Or Adding A Change Order Increasing A Contract Amount

For those departments encumbering funds against a contract or adding a change order increasing the encumbered amount against an existing contract [ prefixes C, CM,T,L, or X], please complete an approved  requisition transmitting it to Purchasing. Since the SUNY Requisition System only allows for the creation of purchase orders, your approved requisition will provide us with the appropriate accounting stream to which we'll encumber the funds against the identified contract.  Purchasing will reject the requisition back to the department with a note that the funds have been encumbered against the identified contract which  establishes an accounting trail for your reference.


Due to the Statewide Financial System implemented by New York State, there are changes to the vendor procedures.  Please allow a minimum of 72 hours after you request a supplier to be added.  Click here to set up a supplier.  You will need to provide the following information:

Supplier Name
Supplier Address
Supplier Federal ID Number
Supplier Contact Name
Supplier Contact Phone Number
Supplier Contact Email Address If adding a business: Substitute W-9 form is needed. If adding an individual: please provide a reason why (ex: guest speaker, interview candidate, etc).

NYS now accepts or rejects suppliers before they are added to the Binghamton University Business System.

Once NYS accepts the vendor, we can no longer make changes to their information.  It is now vendor responsibility to add/update information in the NYS vendrep system.  The link that can be provided to them is:


Permissible Contacts During Restricted Procurement Period

In compliance with the additional requirements of the Procurement Lobbying Act of August 23, 2005 which has been initiated on January 1, 2006 regarding agency policy and prohibitions regarding permissible contacts for procurements in excess of $15,000 are as follows:

  • All authorized agency personnel designated to act as the contact person(s) will be identified in the proposal, bid or solicitation document. Any other agency personnel not specifically identified are prohibited contacts during the restricted period of the procurement.
  • The restricted period is that period of time commencing with the earliest written notice, advertisement or solicitation of a request for proposal, invitation for bids, or solicitation of proposals, or any other method for soliciting a response from offerers intending to result in a procurement contract with the Binghamton University [and terminating] with the final contract award and approval by Binghamton University and, where applicable, the state comptroller.

If a member, officer, or employee of the governmental entity becomes aware that an offerer has violated the permissible contact provisions of the new law, said person shall immediately notify the Ethics Officer, Inspector General, or other official of the procuring governmental entity for investigation.


Tax Law Change - ST-220 Contractor Sales Tax Certification

Procurements initiated on or after January 1, 2005 that are over $15,000 require Form ST-220-CA (.pdf) Contractor Certification to Covered Agency. Contractors, Contractor Affiliates, Subcontractors and Subcontractor Affiliates must certify whether or not they are required to register to collect state sales and compensating use tax. Where required to register, Contractors must also certify that they are registered with the Department of Tax and Finance. The law prohibits the Comptroller, or other approving agency, from approving a PO over $15,000 awarded to a vendor meeting the registration requirements but who is not registered. For more information see:

Last Updated: 2/14/17