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Vendor/Bidder Certification of Compliance With Fair Labor Conditions


Fair Labor Form


Request For Proposal(RFP): #____________

Invitation For Bid (IFB): #_________________

Quotation: #_____________

Date of RFP, IFB or Quote Request: ___ /___ /___

Return To:
SUNY Binghamton
P.O. Box 6000
Binghamton, New York 13902-6000

I certify that:

• The items of apparel* or sports equipment* to be manufactured or to be manufactured using university marks as described in RFP, IFB or Quotation were or will be done in compliance with all applicable labor and occupational safety laws including but limited to child labor laws, wage and hour laws and workplace safety laws.


• The name and address (if known) of each subcontractor utilized or to be utilized in the manufacture of such apparel* are:






• The manufacturing plants (if known) involved and utilized or to be utilized in the production of the apparel* or sports equipment are:






I affirm under penalty of law that the information provided in this certification is accurate and that no false information has been provided.



Signature of Bidder/Vendor Representative



Title (e.g., Owner, President)


Business Address: _____________________________________









County of ____________ )


State of ______________ ) ss:


On ______________, 20__ before me came _______________________________, personally known to me or proved to me by satisfactory evidence to be the individual whose name is subscribed in this document and s/he acknowledged to me that s/he executed it in her/his capacity as ________________________________ of the Bidder/Vendor, and that by her/his signature on it s/he executed the document.



Notary Public


*Apparel includes: uniforms (e.g., sports, gym, required school uniforms, staff uniforms); shoes (including but not limited to athletic shoes or sneakers); sweatshirts; caps; hats and other clothing whether or not imprinted with a school's name or logo; academic regalia; lab coats; textile or sports equipment (defined as equipment, such as, but not limited to balls, bats and other goods/equipment intended for use by those participating in sports and games).

* Sports equipment shall mean equipment, such as, but not limited to, balls, bats and other goods intended for use by those participating in sports and games.



Last Updated: 2/14/17