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When you enter the lab, you will be greeted by a lab member in our reception area. Here, we will fill out some introductory paperwork.


Next, we will prepare your child to have his or her brain waves recorded in our prep room.

You can observe your child during prep. We encourage you to bring in a favorite dvd for your child to watch during this process on our prep room computer-- or choose one from our library!

swim cap with sensors

We will fit your child with a special hat, much like a swim cap, with recording sensors embedded in it.

The sensors non-invasively measure brain activity.

close-up of sensors

The sensors are simply discs of silver with holes in the center.

parent monitoring child reading

Once your child is prepped, we will conduct him or her to our recording booth. You will be able to monitor your child from outside the booth.

screen shot of test

In the booth, your child will read words presented on a computer screen while we record his or her brain waves. This is what the child's display looks like.

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Last Updated: 2/3/16