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How to Add, Drop
or Withdraw from a Course

Add/Drop Course (Prior to Add/Drop Deadline)

Log in

Navigate to course building area

  • Upon successful log in, click on “Student” tab
  • Then select “Registration” 
  • Next, choose “Select Term” 
  • Finally, select “Add/Drop Course”

Add course(s)

  • Locate the Course Registration Number (CRN), a five-digit code corresponding to each course
  • Enter the CRN in the course field at the bottom of the screen
  • Then, select “submit changes” to save your added course(s)
  • Reminder: Courses may be added until the add/drop deadline.

Remove or drop course(s)

  • Beside the course you wish to remove, use the drop down menu to select “web drop”
  • Click “submit changes” to update your schedule
  • Reminder: Courses may be dropped up until the add/drop deadline

Note: You cannot drop your last class for fall or spring through this process; summer and winter classes can be dropped through this process, but with date restrictions. If you intend to drop your last class, you must fill out a Semester/University Withdrawal form. View more information.

Add/Drop Course (After Add/Drop Deadline - Undergraduate Students Only)

With approval from the instructor and appropriate Academic Advising or Dean's Office, students may late add, drop or withdraw from individual courses.  Click here for step-by-step instructions.

A twenty ($20) fee per course will be charged to your student account.


Last Updated: 1/22/18