Code Of Conduct

What is it?
It is a requirement of the State of New York and SUNY that you positively affirm the University Student Code of Conduct as a condition of your enrollment (requirement effective Fall 2004). We ask you to affirm your awareness that the Rules of Student Conduct and campus policies, regulations and applicable laws govern your behavior at Binghamton University. The Office of Student Conduct at Binghamton University is the steward of this information and this requirement. You may contact Student Conduct with specific questions about the policy.

How do I confirm?
You will confirm your receipt of the code of conduct as you log in to BU-BRAIN for the first time as a student.  You cannot access areas of BU-BRAIN Self Service without accepting the code.  If you are able to successfully use BU-BRAIN Self Service, you have completed this requirement.

Is the Code of Conduct the same as confirmation of enrollment?
No.  The code of conduct is a specific legal requirement which is distinct from the Confirmation of Enrollment. Confirmation of Enrollment requires you to understand important financial information, and must be completed once each fall, spring and summer semester you are registered for courses.

Student Authentication - Distance Learning

At Binghamton University, distance learning students must log into a secure portal via a customized user id and password. All students who enroll in courses at Binghamton are authenticated through an identity management system that provides a unique user name and password for access. Without these identifiers, students cannot register for classes or access university tools for distance learning . The university’s policies regarding academic honesty and acceptable use of Information Technology Services include penalties for unauthorized use of another individual’s name and password and for cheating on examinations. In addition, some academic units offering distance learning classes use proctored exams. In the future, when other methodologies to assist with student authentication become more prevalent and affordable, Binghamton University will use them. (For more information, please see ITS acceptable use policy, and the academic honesty policy in the University Bulletin). Instructors of distance learning courses are encouraged to require students to acknowledge the acceptance of these policies in course syllabi and in on-line materials provided for the course.

Last Updated: 6/2/15