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Grade Option Change

Students may change the way they are graded in a course between the first day of classes until the 9th week of classes or the Grade Option Change deadline.

Students may select a grading option when registering for a course. The grading options are letter grade or pass/fail. The selected grading option will be conveyed to your instructor at the beginning of the semester and during the grading period, but you may wish to inform the instructor of your decision should you make a change later in the semester.

Please review the following information before making your decision to change a grade option:

  • Not all classes are available to be taken pass/fail; confirm if this option is available with the academic department and/or academic advising.
  • Each school restricts the number of pass/fail courses that a student may take. If you are unsure of the restrictions, please contact your school's academic advising office.
  • Courses taken for a pass/fail grade can be used as credit toward degree completion but may not be used to complete major or general education requirements.  A course taken with the pass/fail option will be calculated into the student's GPA only if the student receives an "F" grade for that course.

How to change your grade option

Once you have made the decision to change your grade option, you can go to BU BRAIN Self Service, Student tab, then Registration, select Grade Option Change.  The Grade Option Change is available online through 4:30 p.m. on the withdrawal deadline.

Grade Change Option Form

Last Updated: 1/22/18