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Course Registration

Course registration occurs at various times throughout the academic year. For fall and spring semesters, current students will have the opportunity to pre-register for courses during the semester before courses will be taken (ex: spring pre-registration is held during the fall semester). Registration re-opens a few days before the start of a semester. Summer and winter registration open one-to-two months prior to the start of the term.

When do I register?

Each student is assigned a "time ticket" for each registration period. The time ticket indicates the dates during which a student may register for courses.  Students are assigned time tickets based on their student level (graduate or undergraduate) and on his/her earned credit hours; in-progress courses are not included in time ticket assignments. So, the more earned credits you have, the earlier you can register.

How many credits may I register for?

Undergraduate and graduate students have a maximum credit load per semester. The total credits are detailed below:

Semester         Undergraduate Graduate
  maximum credits maximum credits
Fall 18 credits 16 credits
Winter 4 credits 4 credits
Spring 18 credits 16 credits
Summer 16 credits 16 credits
  Term I - 8 credits
Term II - 8 credits

Term I - 8 credits
Term II - 8 credits

Need help?

Registration step by step, how-to instructions are available:


At the beginning of each term, students are required to complete the confirmation of enrollment agreement. This confirmation becomes available on the BU BRAIN several weeks prior to the start of the term. Read more about confirmation of enrollment...

Last Updated: 1/22/18