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DegreeWorks (DW) is a computer program that provides progress-toward-degree reports for students.

Your DW audit, viewable online through BU BRAIN Self Service, shows all of the requirements needed to receive a degree, and which courses are used to satisfy those requirements.

DW shows two progress bars.  One for percent of requirements complete; one for percent of credits complete in order to graduate.  Remember: Completing the total hours required does not mean you have fulfilled all your course requirements. Total credit hours is only part of the picture. 

You can choose to run unofficial "what-if" reports for other majors. The "what if" reports are only an idea of how your courses may be used in different majors. For example, if you are currently in Harpur and thinking about applying as an inter-university transfer to the School of Management, your DW what-if audit will show you how many of your credits will apply to the new major. Check with an academic advisor for information on how changing your major would affect your progress toward your degree.

How to check your DW audit in BUBRAIN Self Service:

Login to Portal at

  • Click on BU BRAIN Self-Service icon on top of the main page
  • Click on the “Your Records” tab
  • Click on “DegreeWorks”
  • You can choose one of the following options:
    • Select 'Process New' to ensure audit is showing the most up-to-date information
    • What if- choose this option to find out how your courses would apply to various majors. 

If you feel the information reported on your DW audit is incorrect, please visit your school's academic advising office.

If your name, B-Number and/ or address are incorrect, contact the Registrar.

Please review the following materials to become familiarized with Degree Works:

Watch the Degree Works how to & walkthrough VIDEO


Grades are generally posted by faculty 72 hours after the last class or final (whichever is later) but they may not appear on your record until the week after finals.  Some faculty choose to post grades on Blackboard, but until they are available for viewing in BU BRAIN Self Service, the grade has not been officially recorded.

Note: If an MG (Missing Grade) or an I (Incomplete) is noted on your transcript, your degree will not be conferred until you are given a final grade. Contact the instructor of the course with questions.

After grading has been closed, faculty will need to submit a change of grade form. Change of grade forms cannot be submitted by a student.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

  • Calculated after the close of the grading period
  •  Post date each semester is based on grade roll (when grades are submitted by faculty) and end of term processing





Last Updated: 11/8/18