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Religious Studies

The Religious Studies minor is an independent minor at Binghamton University administered by faculty within the Judaic Studies department.


Spring and Summer 2019 Courses in Religious Studies

Interested in Religious Studies? Consider signing up for our introductory course, RELG 101: "Religions of the Word" this Summer semester. 

Local Coverage of the Program 

"Binghamton University's religious studies program focuses on the academic study of religion as a significant social force in all cultures and in all ages. ...

Still BU is one of the few SUNY schools that offer a religious studies minor that students can combine with a major in another academic area, said Friedman, who was instrumental in bringing the program to the campus."

About the Program

The Religious Studies minor is an independent minor at Binghamton University. Faculty across Harpur College teach courses that count toward the minor.
Religious Studies is a multidisciplinary field, which draws on the varied disciplines of the human, social, and biological sciences. Harpur College now offers a wide range of courses that allow students to learn about different religious traditions through these many methodologies. The minor incorporates current Harpur courses into a focused curriculum.         


Faculty members from a variety of disciplines offer regular courses which count toward the minor in Religious Studies. Each semester the Religious Studies minor publishes a list of courses relevant to the program through this website.

The minor in religious studies offers a wide range of courses in Anthropology, Art History, Africana Studies, Asian and Asian American Studies, Biology, Judaic Studies, Philosophy, Sociology and other programs and departments.

Last Updated: 2/28/19